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Mother of the Bride and Groom attire

My daughter is getting married on the 18 of june at 600pm. She has chosen royal blue and kelly green for her wedding colors. Our dilemma what color do we choose to wear being mothers ? Are pantsuits or skirts acceptable

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    Whatever you feel most comfortable and lovely in. You do not have to match the colors. My bridesmaids are going to wear green and my mom is wearing taupe and my FMIL is wearing purple.
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    McKenna2012McKenna2012 member
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    I wouldn't worry about matching the colors, either. And I think pants, skirt, or dresses would be acceptable.
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    The MOB and MOG can choose an outfit in the color and length that suits their style and the formality of the wedding. They don't have to match or complement the wedding party or decor. Most of us still observe the tradition of not choosing white or ivory.  Dressy pantsuits and skirts are fine, if that is what you like to wear.
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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    Just pick a color that you like and looks good on you.  You're not really going to be in any pictures with the WP anyway (or the other mother, for that matter).
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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    You wear whatever you want.  You're the moms of the key players, but you're not in the WP and don't have to match their colors or dress length.  At our son and DIL's wedding, the WP wore knee length pink dresses.  I wore floor length seafoam green.

    Here are the conversations my adorable DIL and DD had with me re:  what to wear.

    ME:  What would you like me to wear for your wedding?
    DIL:  Whatever you feel beautiful and comfortable in.
         Did I mention that my DIL is amazing and I love her?

    ME:  I think I found my dress for your wedding.
    DD:  Did you buy it?
    ME:  No, I thought you might want to see it first.
    DD:  Mom, if you love it, then it's perfect.  Go order it!
            Did I mention that my DD was an awesome bride?

    GL.  You're going to love being the "mom of..........." at the wedding.  It's an incredible day.
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