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Parent gifts --- recommendations please!

So my parents have children get married for the last two years.. so far they have gotten a gift certificate for a wine tour (never taken) and monogrammed wine glasses.  

My future father in law (fiance's mother deceased) has pretty much everything and is a bachelor. 

What unique or cool gifts would you recommend?  I have been all over Thing Remembered and other similar sites and don't see anything great. 


Re: Parent gifts --- recommendations please!

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    Write your parents a heartfelt letter about how much their support has meant to you. Give it to them with a frame and a promise of a picture of you, your husband and them on your wedding day. That will mean more to them than any gift that you might purchase.
    Have a beautiful wedding day : )
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    Seriously- I agree.  As a MOB, that heart-felt thank you letter would be something cherished the rest of my days.  The wine glasses would be sold at a yard sale in 15 years.
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    I think a personlized photo album with pictures from your wedding is a great gift. It is what we are doing for our parents. This is the album we are using:
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    My daughter gave me a silver picture frame, double hinged.  On one side she had a special poem engraved, on the other a picture of us together, laughing.

    She gave her dad a water color of a young girl, with long dark hair, beinding over to pick up a shell on the beach.  It looked so much like her, he was more than a bit teary
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    We had a Jewish wedding, so we got both parents framed copies of our Ketubah.  We also ordered them albums after the wedding :)
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