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Gifts for Bridesmaids?

Hi Ladies!
If you've been a bridesmaid before, what was the gift you liked/appreciated the most? And if you're the bride, is there anything special you've come up with for your girls?

I've got a few things so far, I've got about six months to go so I have some serious time yet! Just trying to pick up things for them as I go :)

Thanks for the ideas!

Re: Gifts for Bridesmaids?

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    Shop for them like it's their birthday or Christmas. Think about their hobbies or other things they enjoy or find relaxing. The one time I was a bridesmaid, I did not receive a gift. I think the thing I would have appreciated the most was a simple, heartfelt thank you note.
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    Thank you! I've stayed away from the typical stuff so far, I don't want to give them anything with our wedding date or bride/groom names on it, and I don't want to get them all the same piece of jewelery geared towards my wedding because as you said that's not a gift truly for them. I've known all the girls for over ten years, some since preschool so I certainly know them well enough to pick a gift - I appreciate knowing from others that you'd prefer the style of gift I'm looking for. The bridal "world" seems to all recomend the same things!
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