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I am having some trouble and need everyones advice. I got engaged last August, and even though me and my Fiance hadn't been together for that long (10 months) I know he's the one and I am completely in love with him. When I told my mom she completely freaked! She hasn't like him from the get go because he wasn't a billionaire, but she didn't take the time to get to know him. It wasn't because of the money for me. We are now 5 months away from the wedding and my mom wants nothing to do with it whatsoever. Saying she's sick, that my step-Grandma and Aunt are helping me so why should she, and is just dragging everything out. I want there involved but I'm getting scared. Help??
McKenzie VanOsdol

Re: Mother Problems

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    I actually have no idea what to tell you. Im having the complete opposite problem. My mother seems to think my wedding is her wedding all over again and thinks its all about her. lol Drives me to the brink of insanity. 
    I would suggest maybe sitting down with someone who can play "mediator", a family member or a therapist. Just so you two can air things out and calmly get eachothers feelings across. It sounds to me like your mother is having trouble to accepting the wedding (idk if its your FI or the simple fact your getting married) which is why she is wanting nothing to do with the wedding. Can anyone (grandma) talk to her? I know it must be pretty upsetting to go to appointments with out your mother there. Try and remind her that this is a special day for you and it should be for her also. It is a moment for her that her daughter is getting married and she should enjoy that moment. 
    If she is unable to grasp that try hashing it out with a middleman. If nothing works, just keep in mind it is YOUR DAY and you shouldnt let it bring you down. She will come around eventually. 
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    Great advice PP!


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