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Wedding Tree Centerpieces?

Has anyone done wedding tree centerpieces with draped garlard or hanging iewels? I saw a pic I liked online, but don't know where to get the stuff without paying a ton.

I saw the branches at Hobby Lobby, but nothing to hang on it??
Tiffany G, CPA

Re: Wedding Tree Centerpieces?

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    I'm not for sure but you could probably get something from saveoncrafts.com.
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    Found the crystals, but not the actual trees/ branches. REALLY hoping someone else was doing the same idea and I could buy from them...... OR if anyone wants to do it in a wedding after mine, they can buy mine from me for half and we can split the cost 50/50. :)

    Tiffany G, CPA
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    When is your wedding? Are you talking about like manzanita branches? I have ordered some as well as crystals from save on crafts. I would be interested about doing the 50/50 thing, depending on what you were doing and colors?
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