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How to ask my Bridemaids!

I want to ask my bridemaids in a really awesome way. I have looked on Pinterest and have found some ideas, but I wanted some fellow brides' opinions!

Re: How to ask my Bridemaids!

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    To be entirely honest I would just make it heart felt. Talk to them each individually, maybe a lunch or coffee date, your treat. Tell them how much they mean to you and that you couldn't imagine doing it without them. 
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    yes, don't overthink it.  If you can ask in person, do it; but if not (i couldn't) I made them all cards that I got designed on etsy (the image cost $10) and I printed them on cards myself ($1 for a pack of 10 cards/envelopes).  On the inside it had a little poem about friendship or family depending on the girl and I just wrote a little note to each of them to make it personal.  It was easy to do; didn't cost much and they all loved them.  I don't have an actual of pic of the final product, but this is the image I got from etsy (you picked the hair color/style and dress color; I asked to add a bride).


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    3 of mine I asked with the bottle of wine and poem and I found on pinterest and they loved it!!! I even had 2 of my BM's say they wish they woulda done that..and then my MOH I asked her with a pic frame of a pic with me and her and a pic of her and my fiance (its his cousin) and I decorated it with really pretty cursive glitter stickers that read Will you be my maid of honor... it made her cry! You can do something for them and it still be heart filled because you can give it to them in person. I'm glad my girls felt speciall i did this for them... Good luck!
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    Most of my girls are out of town but I asked as many as I could in person.  I wanted things to be as special for the girls I don;t see as often so I got  ADORABLE wooden frames made for each of them and gave some in person and mailed the rest.  I put pictures of me and each girl in their frame and sent it with a notecard I also had made on Etsy.  I plan to get prints of our bridal party photos for them all to put in their frames after the wedding and got two for myself to have the same!

    Best advice, keep it simple and sentimental.  My friends and I have had many wonderful memories together and love photos so it was perfect for us!
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