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Confused about MOB Dress!

What is the reasoning behind the Mothers wearing a special dress? Where does this tradition come from? And does it have to be followed??

Re: Confused about MOB Dress!

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    Lots of pictures are taken, so the mothers want to look their best.

    Any "tradition" of them buying a new dress for the wedding, of it coordinating with other wedding colors, etc. is very new. Mothers should be told the wedding colors just so they don't clash, the formality of the wedding, and to wear what they like.
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    The mom's can wear whatever they want.  Most times, since they are the mom's and will be in a lot of pictures, many want to go out a buy a new dress.  This isn't a tradition, this is just them wanting to look nice for the wedding.

    They do not need to match the wedding colors, they can wear black, they can wear short or long, any fabric and any style.  The only thing that people tend to frown on is if they wear ivory or white but, as stated in my first sentence, they can wear whatever they choose.

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    My mother is walking me down the aisle so we went shopping together for her dress.  She didn't want to upstage me or wear something that would clash, but ultimately she picked the dress.  
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    I think the wedding industry would like us all to think that MOB's have to get their dresses from a wedding shop and pay inflated prices.  Just because the dress says "MOB".
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