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Don't know who to pick!?

Hi guys,

So I have a bit of a dilemma, I have my 3 bridesmaids (two sisters and best friend) whom are all fantastic. Problem is is that I haven't yet chosen an MOH because I just don't know how to go about it. My youngest sister and I are SUPER close (in a big sister/little sister kind of way) and she has always been my biggest fan. I'd love her to be my MOH but wouldn't want to hurt my other sister. I am also very close to my other sister but in more of a friend kind of way (we're much closer in age), while she would be super graceful and lovely about my other sister being MOH I know secretly it'd hurt her. Then there is my best friend, I thought that if I chose her that'd solve the problem of having to pick between sisters but in reality I am so loyal and close to my family that I'd feel terrible for picking her over them. So my question is, anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?! Can I just have 3 MOH's?! Or none at all!? Please someone enlighten me!

Re: Don't know who to pick!?

  • I would do no moh. and when asked why u dont have one say that u dont want to give someone a higher title in the wp, because you love them all the same. Might want to check with your fi though and see if he is doing a bestman (you dont have to do a moh if u have a bestman though) and see what he thinks.
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    I sort of agree with PP.  However, even if your FI does have a bestman, you can still NOT have a MOH.  I think the best route for you to go would be for you to tell your BMs that you love them all and couldn't pick one above the others.  Or, you could designate them all MOHs.

    Whichever you pick, it isn't dependant on what your FI does and you should let him do as he pleases.
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    I agree you just shouldn't have a MOH.  I have 2 girls standing up with me, and we call one of them the MOH because she is SUPER helpful with everything and we have always done so much together.  My other bridesmaid and I are equally close, but she is busier and doesn't know much about weddings and can't run around with me looking at and picking out wedding stuff. So somehow one of them became "MOH," in a discussion between the 2 of them, but the truth is they both do the same things and there really is no difference between them.
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