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how do i decide

how do i decide whether to have my bridesmaids wear long or short dresses?! i'm lost! i like short dresses better, because i feel like the bride should have the long eye popping dress, but if i have the wedding outside, it will be cool in the fall so i'd feel like a jerk making them wear short dresses lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • vicki0508vicki0508 member
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    It depends on the formality of the wedding.  You can take weather into consideration, but I don't think that's a deciding factor.  A formal wedding means long dresses, a more casual wedding means short dresses.

    You can also ask your BMs for input on which they would rather wear.  Though, you don't need to be making this decision for at least another year.  My wedding is in September and I'm just now thinking about BM dresses.
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    Look at a bunch of dresses with your girls and decide which you like best.
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    have them wear what you want to wear. If it is an outside wedding and very cold you might look at dresses with jackets or have a fast ceremony. If you are getting married in Florida though it should be balmy enough to wear short-med length dresses

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  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    [QUOTE]Look at a bunch of dresses with your girls and decide which you like best.
    Posted by CassieeK[/QUOTE]

    <div>I agree with this. If you are totally undecided and have looked and don't know what you want, I would let them in on the decision process a little bit. Maybe find a dress style, color, or "look" that you like and have them help you out with what they are comfortable wearing. I'm not saying to just let them pick the dress, but getting input is helpful-- after all, they are the ones having to wear it. I let my girls help pick theirs with guidelines and they really appreciated it. We worked together and picked what they felt most comfortable in. Everybody ended up happy. </div>
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    When the girls and I did ours, I found several pictures of the styles I liked, then got feedback. When they tried the dresses on, they had 3. All of them decided on the same dress and I liked it the best as well. The dress also looked the best on all of them, sometimes it is easier to go in and phycially try on the dresses.

    If you think they might be cold, they could always buy a shaw to go with the dresses, or even a jacket (or find a dress that has one)

    Honestly though, you have a year still before you need to pick the dresses for the girls. Not only that, you shouldn't even pick your party until 6 months before (give or take a bit).

  • StephieBowStephieBow member
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    We are having a formal wedding, but the girls are wearing black cocktail dresses (short)  and it still looks incredibly formal... so you don't HAVE to go long.

    Have you talked to your BMs to see what they like?
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    You can always have them wear panty hose if its chilly.
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    It depends on what time in the fall you are having your wedding. If your wedding is in the early part of fall, then there may still be some summer weather left, so you should go with short dresses. But if you are having it in the mid to latter part of fall, then I would go with long gowns. There's nothing worse than being outside and everyone in the bridal party is cold except the bride. :) Also, do not think of the long bridesmaid gown as trying to take away from your wedding dress, you just want to be sure that everyone looks nice. Don't worry about being upstaged. 
  • em01092em01092 member
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    I agree with the PPs. It can depend on the formality, your tastes, and theirs as well. Weather can also be accounted for, but hun, I take it you are getting married in FL? Fall isn't that chilly here in GA until like late October ish. When is your wedding and what time of day? If you are getting married anywhere in the South in the fall, you should be ok with short dresses, but a shawl or jacket along with hose could be all they need. 
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    I picked long because I think long dresses look more formal
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    I'm having the same debate...I dont know how you decide, but I think I may do long because my wedding is pretty formal.  Have you considered a tea length or something in between long and short?
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