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Paying for Mom's Dress?

My FI and I are paying for nearly the entire wedding ourselves. My parents are divorced and though my dad was able to help a bit financially, my mother's contribution is very small, and i know a bit of a struggle for her, but she's adamant on contributing something. Because we are paying for nearly eveything ourselves, i'm trying to keep costs low. So now my question is: Becuase my mom can't afford a typical, bedazzled MOB dress, am i expected to pay for it? Or is it totally acceptable to get something less fancy but that she still likes from a more affrodable place (i.e. Ross or a similar department store), where she would be able to pay for it?
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Re: Paying for Mom's Dress?

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    If you want to pay for it you can, but I think she can pick out something that is not a bedazzled overpriced MOB dress.  My mom is wearing a cocktail dress from Macy's, it's dressy but it's not what you'd find in a bridal store and it for sure wasn't a bridal store price.
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    I totally agree with the post above. My mom got her MOB dress at Macy's as well (and on the clearance rack!) and it was perfect. There are plenty of dresses there that are appropriate for weddings. I'm sure many other department stores have similar styles and prices as well. Maybe you can take your mom to one of those stores and get a feel for her style. If she does like a dress that is a little out of her price range, you can offer to pay for part of it or for most of it. Plus, hopefully she'll be able to try on different sizes and hopefully won't have to get too many alterations done. You may run into that problem at other bridal shops.
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    I not wearing a bedazzled dress to my daughter's wedding.  I've never worn clothing like that, why would I start now?  As long as she is wearng something she likes and is comfortable in she is good to go.
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    There's no rule that says she has to wear a bedazzled dress. She should wear something nice that she feels good in and can afford. Try to stay away from the bridal shops b/c that's where the dresses are going to be overpriced.
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    You are not required to pay for a fancy MOB dress from a bridal shop. Your mom should buy whatever she can afford to buy. Department stores are fine.
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    thanks for the feedback guys!
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    Your mom can wear whatever she feels comfortable in. 

    It's totally up to you if you want to help her out financially with the dress.  If you want to put a few extra bucks in the pot so she can afford a nicer dress, then go ahead.  No one will know if she got her dress from Ross. ;)
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