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    The article was good until it got to Kim's story. Her former friends are better off without her.
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    Wait, really? The article seems to assume it's okay to make your bridesmaids pay $500 for wedding expenses.

    Guess I did it wrong. None of my bridesmaids fought with each other or me. I also didn't make any of them go to dress fittings.
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    The article also seems to condone 'firing' of bridesmaids and replacing of bridesmaids. They had a TON of language in there that made being a bridesmaid sound like a job!
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    The worst is on the next page; one gal just "canned" her BMs, because they didn't like the dresses. She sounded like a real prize. Not to mention Kim calling in replacement BMs like not having them would ruin her wedding. The town rallied to get them ready? What they should have done was kicked her in the butt and told her to smarten up. No one NEEDS bridesmaids, and this article makes it sound like not having them is the worst thing to happen to a bride since crepe paper bells.
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    I want to know where they got the stories for the first part. about the brides in Boston cutting their dresses. And the sister that screamed to the brother to dump the girl.
     Where did these COME From? I have never heard of anything like that in my life.
    Did the author make them up ? Read about them on the knot?
    So confused.
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    this does sound like its ok for brides to expect their BM's to shell out ridiculous amounts of money as well as agree with them on everything otherwise they get canned....

    its never ok to kick a BM out....EVER! Plus expecting anyone to pay almost $400 for a shower or bacheloretter party is just obscene!!! i am not saying there arent maidzillas, but doest most of the problem in this article lay with the BRIDE having ridiculous expectations?!
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    Umm ya, there is obviously a lot more to the Kim story than they are sharing...I normally think TK boards can be a little harsh on brides venting about BMs, but this article is ridiculous!
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    More than likely, the girls Kim selected were like that all along, its just that when she expected something of them, she saw their true colors.

    I think there is a lot of social issues they ignore that contribute to what people see as "bad bridesmaid" behavior. There are so many girls these days who grow up with the idea that being a "mean girl" is cool. Being a real b***h is what makes you popular and gets attention, and when these girls are older and do become someone's BMs they keep that role up. So when a bride expects her friends to put their nastiness aside for a little while, they are disappointed when they find out that nothing changes, and instead of being a real jerk to outsiders, they become a real jerk to the bride. Thats how these girls always were and always will be.

    I knew some girls who grouped together and acted just like the chicks in the movie Mean Girls. However, as soon as one got engaged, the group of friends then became bridesmaids, and began dishing jabs at the bride and her plans. Many of them asserted they planned to never speak to their "friend" after the wedding, and mocked the dresses she picked out for them. They even began spilling rumors of the groom cheating. They were always like that, they just began directing their crappy attitudes towards the bride.

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    I just am not comfortable with Marie Claire making the 'new' bridesmaids look so awesome for getting up super early go get to the wedding in time.  I mean, they're great for doing that, but being pulled in at the last minute should not be seen as a move of a good friend.
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