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Here's the situation, my fiance and I have picked who we would like as attendants in our wedding. 3 Bridesmaids/Groomsmen and a MOH and Best Man. However, I picked my Sister to be my MOH and my Sister in law to be a Bridesmaid. I am not extremely close to them, I live an hour away from them, they are very close live doors down from each other. I have already asked them both 2 weeks ago, and they will not give me a definitive answer on if they will actually be in the wedding party. I keep getting no replies to calls and text messages and when I bring it up in person its the run around. I've explained nicely to them that if they can't afford it that is fine, I will understand just please let me know A.S.A.P so I know what I'm going to do...NOTHING. What should I do? Should I start looking for other people to ask? Should I wait longer? Im stuck and really don't want to hurt feelings, but the sooner I know the sooner I can get the ball rolling here.

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    Hang on! Your wedding isn't until next year. You shouldn't have asked anyone until the wedding was 6-9 months away. It is WAY too early to be worrying about this stuff.

    Also, why would you ask people that you are not close to? Your bridal party should be your nearest and dearest. If you are only referring to their physical proximity to you, then that's not a big deal either. Lots of bridal parties are scattered all over the world. They only need to show up at your wedding, in a dress that you've chosen (that they can afford), and help you celebrate.

    Right now you should focus on booking a venue. This is it, since most do book early. Everything else can wait.
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    I agree with PPs, but also think that next year when you revisit this, you shouldn't worry about keeping it to exactly 3. You've already asked these girls, but if there's friends you are close to that you'd like to add, do it! Or if there isn't and you have less than your FI, that's fine too. Don't worry if the sides aren't even. The only limiting factor should be finances, since more BMs means more bouquets, people at the RD, and BM gifts.
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    my best friends live 4 hours from me... they are still my bridesmaids! They don't need to live next door.  Remember your wedding planning is up to you and your FI-- + family if they are paying.  Your bridesmaids do not need to do anything for you except wear the dress and show up on your wedding day.  Of course some will go above and beyond and that is awesome, but not required. 

    Enjoy being engaged, and pick your wedding party next year.  If you are not close to your sister or FSIL don't make them bridesmaids.  They may feel the same way (you are not close wo why am I a bridesmaid?)  Once you pick them, you can't replace them--even if they drop out.


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