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Gifts for your BMs--How much are you spending?

Hi Ladies!
How much is a reasonable amount to spend on gifts for your girls?  I have already purchased them earrings, about $25 each, and have a few ideas on other gifts for them, I am just not sure how much should be spent for each girl.  Any insight?

Re: Gifts for your BMs--How much are you spending?

  • There is no definite answer here; spend however much you can afford to spend!

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  • I spent about $100 on each of them.  But let's be honest, I love gift giving, so H had to reign me in, so I would stop.
  • I spent about $50 on ours.  I will say, though, that in this case I kind of feel like the gift should be somewhat proportionate to what they are spending being in the wedding.  If they have a $400 gown and an expensive hotel, etc. then I would think you're pretty cheap for getting me a $20 gift.  Like Summer said, give what you can afford, but if you are asking them to do a lot then you should to some degree return that gesture or show how much you appreciate it.
  • Also, if your wedding is extravagant, with a $5,000 gown, exotic flowers, and European honeymoon, don't cheap out on the wp gifts.
  • I think it should be relatively proportionate to your wedding budget, and directly related to how much you can afford.  As PP mentioned, if you are throwing a $100,000 wedding with $500 BM dresses and buy your BM's a $10 necklace from Target, that'd seem a bit ungrateful.  As long as it's something you are comfortable with, and shows your appreciation, it will be fine.

  • I agree with all of the above.  My entire WP is flying in from the east coast for our LA wedding.  I'm getting them all jewelry for the wedding day (specific to their tastes) which I will give them at the rehersal dineer, and I'm putting together a canvas tote bag with little extras (again specific to their tastes) that they will get when they land here in town. 
    My FI came up with the idea of getting his GM neck pillows for the airplane since everyone will be flying.  I hadn't thought about that until he mentioned it and I might include a big cozy scarf or simple throw in my BM's canvas totes as well (they're really big and I'm stamping each tote with their names and a 'definition of LOVE' stamp.  5$ on ebay! And I got the tote's from a wholesale website so they only cost like 3$ each!
    There isn't a specific limit, but you need to think about how much they are spending on the wedding and how much you spent for everything else.  If all you can afford is earrings, then maybe you can write a really nice note for each of your girls, or find a great pic of you and them and put those in simple picture frames.  That doesn't cost much, but it will still make your WP feel special. 
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