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Rethinking # of bridesmaids

Hi Ladies,

I know many people have already asked this question but I just thought I'd post my situation... I currently have set my number of bridesmaids at 4 (including maid of honor) who include my sister and three very close friends. I am starting to feel like I may want to add more bridesmaids as I have 3 cousins who I would love to have as part of the wedding but I don't know how many would be too many. We are having approx. 120 guests at our wedding. Would 7 bridesmaids be too many? If I did bump it up to 7 we would also bump up our groomsmen number to 7.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Re: Rethinking # of bridesmaids

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    Seven is not too many. Remember, you do not have to have even sides. You can have seven and he can stay at four.

    Your cousins can be honored guests or they can be readers. Good luck!
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    Sure! If you want them in the wedding, ask them. You only get one shot at this (hopefully) so do what makes you happy. However, you shouldn't have your fiance ask arbitrary people to match you.

    Judging from my experience only, I would not want 7 bridesmaids. I have 4 and did not anticipate the amount of headaches it would cause. I can't wait for these women to stop being bridesmaids and go back to just being my friends.
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    No, that is not too many, and there is no reason to add more groomsmen JUST to even up the sides. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    It's fine to have uneven numbers. You may have as many bms as you like.
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    Uneven sides are fine. If your FI has 5 important people in his life, he should ask 5. And the same for you. No one should be digging around for another person or choosing between best friends to match up the sides. 

    The bridal party should be about the people you want next to you as you get married - not about numbers.
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    If you did bump your side up to 7 why in heavens name would you need to bump the GM up to 7?

    And listen to Retread.  Your wedding is a year and 7 months away.  Don't ask anyone now.  Just enjoy being engaged and working on the beginning stages of planning.

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