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Bridesmaid gift ideas?

I'm trying to think of gift ideas for my bridesmaids that will be something they will actually enjoy and not like the boring things I've gotten in the past. I did get all of my girls earrings and necklaces that match their dresses, but honestly, I got them SO CHEAP (less than $10 each... major sale) that I'm not even counting that as part of the gift. Two of my girls are pretty hard to shop for to begin with (They seem to have everything already) so I'd appreciate some fresh ideas. I'm looking to spend about $50 each.


Re: Bridesmaid gift ideas?

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    Shop like it's their birthday. If you honestly can't think of anything, think of hobbies they might have, and buy them gift certificates towards those.
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    I got my bridesmaids each $50 gift cards to Sephora, and they come in a cute compact mirror which makes a nice presentation. 
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    I got my girls Coach bags (on sale at the outlet so I got more bang for my buck). 
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    You don't have to get them all the sam ething, If you don't want. So do as PP said and shop like its their bday.

    I had a vendor on etsy sew each of my girls robes. They don't match but they do coordinate. I picked a fabric I knew each of them would like. And thought it ws a gift that they could wear over and over again.

    Poke around etsy- there are a lot of ideas.

    I think gifts that are reusable or wearable are nice. Like Pashminas, a cute clutch, or makeup case, or another nice piece of jewelry that doesnt need to be worn at the wedding. I like giving Alex and Ani bracelets as gifts too, because they are affordable and really cute- and personal!
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    Your instinct is right about the jewelry, but for the wrong reasons.  Anything they're required to wear for your wedding besides the dress is your responsibility anyway; it's not a gift.

    Remember you don't have to get them all the same thing, either.   If they have different hobbies or tastes, the gifts can reflect that.
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    I am glad you aren't including the jewelry as part of their gift, because if you are requiring them to wear it on your wedding day then it is considered part of their attire and not a present.

    Like PP said, shop like it is their birthday.  Consider things that they like to do.  Does one love a certain restaurant?  Does one love getting manis and pedis?  Does one love massages?  Shopping at a certain store?  Does one love collecting handbags? 

    There are so many things out there that I know it can be a bit difficult to figure it out but if you shop for each girl separetly and take their likes into account then it should be easiert.

    All the presents do not need to be the same.  When my sis got married she got me a necklace that I had been wanting, she got another girl a set of drinking glasses that she had been wanting, and another girl a pretty vase because she loves fresh cut flowers, etc.  Think outside the box.

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    I like the idea of gift cards. It's something everyone will enjoy
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    If i were you i wont spent anything on them at all.I  will rather keep my $50 and allow my wedding speech to do wonders.For instance i could dedicate my wedding speech to them and pay them glowing tribute for all their help and concern.You could ask them to stand to their feet as you do that.That will bring real refreshment to them and others will positively acknowledge their kind gesture.

    Pls click on  this site if you want to go that way 

    You can also assess their area of interest and give them a gift certificate accordingly.Thank you

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    I got all of mine personalized tote bags from
    I only paid 9.00 each for them. It included the monogramming.
    I plan on filling them with thing they will need the day of the wedding or maybe I will give them to them at my bachelorette party with fun things in them.
    I am still not decided. Any ideas? I saw robes and house shoes, maybe a cosmectic case, feather boas or team bride t-shirts. Anyway they are awesome bags and will hold a lot of stuff. I have plenty of time to pick up thing here and there to make each one special.
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    You really shouldn't personalize anything that you get them.  Females usually stop wanting their names or initials on their things around age 11 so the odds of anything monogramed or with their names on it being used again are extremely low.
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