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I've been engaged since July and have been slowly working on planning. I'm hoping to finalize venues when I go home for Christmas, and a lot of my planning will depend on the ceremony venue. We already have the reception venue, I've talked to my photographer (date is reserved but nothing signed yet, he just got back from his honeymoon), and music for the reception is taken care of. I have to keep reminding myself we have over a year to go. What about you ladies? Where are you on your timelines? What's up next? Any advice on what I can work on while waiting on my venue decision?
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Re: Timeline

  • I've had a venue for a while (was originally planning for 4/11), and I'm about to book my photog.  After that, I'll probably sit tight until next february or march.  I may start playing around with some DIY stuff (since I hope to do a lot), so this extra time should come in handy with that.  Otherwise, it's just more time to save $$$
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  • We originally wanted an October 2011 wedding, but we're planning from 4 hours away, and it was becoming really stressful.  We have a front-runner for our venue, but when we're home (Pittsburgh) for Thanksgiving, we're going to look at another venue that we're interested in.. (and any others).  Like you, we hope to have our venue confirmed by the new year. 

    Also gotta meet with my Priest over the holidays to begin our fun marriage prep stuff (yay...., lol.) and confirm our date.

     I've only looked at dresses online but I'm hoping that during the holidays I can really start going to the stores and try some things on!

    I also can't wait to do some food tasting for the caterers we're looking into!!!

    Once the new year rolls around we can start getting into the nitty gritty (save the dates, invites, etc..).  The Knot's timeline that they provide for us is actually very helpful.

    I'm actually really glad we moved our wedding date; as much as I'm in a hurry to marry my FI, I'm loving the fact that I can take my time with the planning... and breathe a little :)  Plus my FI needs to figure out who his groomsmen will be!!!!!
  • We have a venue, photographer, videographer, and DJ. Now, we are sitting tight until about April!
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  • I pretty much have everything booked and the wedding coordinator at my venue said she won't really need anything more from us until about this time next year!  So yeah just more time to save $!
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  • I have my dress, the church and reception venue booked. I've started looking at photogs, bakeries, etc but I'm probably going to hold off until the spring to make more final decisions. For us, its also about saving more money!
  • Hi Ladies - I'm new to this board!!! I have the ceremony and the venue booked. Next on my list are band and photographer!
  • I am going to kill some time by making a lot of stuff myself including the favors, invitations and all the bridesmaids jewelry. That will keep my mind off how long i have.

    I have a really good timeline spreadsheet with every detail of what to do and when to do it. If anyone would like it, contact me and I can send it to you.
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