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FYI: RueLaLa: I Do

They have the I Do shop with champagne flutes, cake servers, silver frames, bridal wear, guest wear, groom wear, etc. all at a discount. I just got Vera Wang Love Knots frame, champagne flutes, and cake server for 145! Sorry if this counts as a vendor post.
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Re: FYI: RueLaLa: I Do

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    And just received my order. It is in the white Vera Wang Wedgewood boxes with original msrp. One problem. Obe of the champagne flute stems snapped in half. I called and was a bit worried because it is a final sale item. No problem. The replacement set is on the way and I was told not to worry about sending the broken set back. Amazing customer service experience.
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    I've heard great things about RueLaLa...
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