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My bride just text me that she found a dress online, it's at DB, and the free shipping ends tonight. I'm going in to get measured by them this afternoon and wondering if people have tips?

I think I'm wearing flats and I'm short, not sure if they run long.

If they measure it and it comes in and doesn't fit will it be a big hassle, their return policy seems lacking.

Should I try on a similar dress to the online one? It's strapless and I have DD's Undecided

I'm not a huge fan of DB and maybe I just need a better attitude. I just don't like things like this sprung on me last minute. I'm sure it will be fine.

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Re: David's Bridal Bridesmaids

  • Try on dresses while you are at DB tonight. You will be better able to discern your size than just going by measurements alone. The have tons of styles in tons of sizes. You might even find the dress your bride chose, regardless of color.
  • Thanks... should I make an appointment? I'd be going in about 1pm. It's not like a bridal fitting but if I try on stuff I don't want to be rude.
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  • Agreed. Unless it specifies online only db typically has samples of most of their dresses in the store.
  • Oh and my experience returning dresses with them has been fine. I lost weight for a friends wedding and had to go down a size so they just ordered Me a new dress and exchanged it no problem
  • Yes, you should make an appointment.  The staff at most bridal shops gets very annoyed if you come in without an appointment.

    The dress most likely will not fit you perfectly- you'll have to get alterations done.  I would recommend that you take it to an independent tailor instead of having it done at David's.  Their charges for alterations are a rip-off.
  • Oh good, I feel a lot better!

    Yes it's an online only dress. But I think trying on dresses is a great idea. I have the style number so maybe they'll know of similar styles.
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