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Im thinking of getting my girls a waffle weave monogrammed robe as a bridesmaid gift. I found a really cute one on Etsy but I'm worried because I don't know how soft they are. Has anyone purchased a robe like this from Etsy or have any advice on what to do??? Thanks!

Re: Bridesmaid gifts

  • Do all of your BMs love wearing robes?  If not, then this really isn't a great present.  Also, many people hate monogrammed items.

    You should really shop for each BM like it is their birthday or Christmas.  Buy something for them that fits each girls personality and likes/hobbies.  Such as, if you have a wine lover then buy her a nice bottle of wine and a set of wine goblets.  If you have a foodie lover, then get her a gift card or two to a nice restaurant.  If you have someone who loves to paint/draw, buy her some painting essentials like brushes, canvasas, paint, etc.

    By purchasing gifts that are geared toward each girl the gift will seem more personal and that you gave it some thought.

  • Shop for each girl like it is her birthday or Christmas.  Forget the matchy matchy gifts the wedding industry wants to sell you.  Your wedding is perfectly timed for you to get some great buys with holiday sales.  I bought a set of wine glasses last year in November for 67% off - had my eye on them for awhile and was tickled to get such a great deal.  If I was a BM, I'd be thrilled with wine glasses and a bottle of wine because I enjoy that very much.

    Take advantage of the holiday sales and you will save a ton of money and your girls won't be stuck with the matchy gifts.  What one girl loves another smiles, says thank you, and thinks to herself "what will I do with this?" 
  • The wedding industry tells us the gift has to be matchy matchy and monogrammed. Have you ever seen any of the BMs wear robes? I personally can't stand them. 

    Ditto to PPs about shopping like it's their birthday. Wine glasses for Sally, spa gift card for Katie and a necklace for Sara :) 
  • I was thinking about getting everyone the same gifts but then I realized that my girls are 5 different people. So here's what I have decided to get each girl based on their personality and interests.
    MOH-gift certificate to local ice cream shop and a massage gift certificate
    BM 1 (my sister)-Starbucks gift card and a bottle of wine
    BM 2 (FI sister)-Starbucks gift card and a bottle of Hennessy
    BM 3- Starbucks gift card and a bottle of wine
    BM 4-Barnes & Noble gift card and a bottle of wine

    I was thinking about getting something else for each one but I don't know yet...
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