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A follow up question about having two MOH....

So- I asked below if it was okay to have two matrons of honor.  I feel so much better hearing you all say its a go.  :)  Now I have to get into more detail- and ask:  How do I ask that?  Do I say... will you be my co-matron of honor?  lol.  I am sending a very nice handmade package to my girls to ask them.  so it wont be in person.  so if it just reads will you be my MOH- I worry they will be all hyped up and feeling special, then later when I say there is a second MOH, it might be a little bit of a slap and bring them down a notch. I dont want that.  but if I say will you be my MOH number two, that sounds horrible! LMBO
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Re: A follow up question about having two MOH....

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