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Sister backed out of bridal party!!!!

Hello Ladies,

I just had a very intense conversation with one of my bridesmaids who just so happens to be my married older sister. The problem is that she will not be walking with her husband on my wedding day because my fiance doesn't like him. On her wedding day my fiance came out but only because the groom did not have any friends of his own. My sister says it will be disrespectful to not walk with her husband. And i replied that it is disrespectful to not honor our wishes of not having him in the bridal party. She does not want to be a bridesmaid without him. I said that was fine and she called me immature. What do I do? Am I wrong? She had her day can I have mine?

Re: Sister backed out of bridal party!!!!

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    You aren't wrong at all and I think she is being crazy.  She seriously can't walk down the aisle with another guy without disrespecting her husband?  Let it go and leave her as a guest.  Don't get into a fight or anything about it.  Let it go.  She is the one who is being immature.
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    You get to pick your side of the wedding party; your husband gets to pick his. No one has to accept the honor, though, so if your sister declines, there is nothing you should do about it.

    By any chance, did you tell your sister that your fi doesn't like her husband? I think lots of diplomacy is needed, in this situation.

    You've asked her. She declined. Let it go.

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    She does realize it's just a walk, right? Like, she isn't going to be expected to have sex with the guy she walks with... unless you are a very demanding bridezilla...

    I agree with pp. You asked, she declined. Move on. She and her husband can attend as guests and they can sit together.
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    You could just not pair anybody up and have everyone walk individually.  That might be a compromise she could live with.

    But, I do think she's being completely unreasonable.  I'd only try to work with her if it's really important to you that she stand up there with you.  Otherwise, I'd let her be a guest and she can sit with her husband in the audience with everybody else.
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    I agree. I'm having my girls walk down by themselves because my brother is walking me down and he's also a groomsmen. So to avoid uneven couples the rest of the groomsmen will be up there and then he will join them after he "drops" me off. There's no side aisle for him to loop around! Like stated above if you really want her to be a part of your day as a BM try that approach but if she's being unreasonable than she can just be a guest. No point in the added stress to accommodate her on your day!
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    All your comments were extremely helpful. They put me at ease about the entire situation. Looking forward to what else awaits. I leave you guys with a quote from How to lose a Guy in 10 Days, "Drama, Drama, Drama"....LoL
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