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Bridesmaid dresses - Long AND short?

Hi, I let my BM pick theyre own dresses. 2 picked a tea length 1 and the other 2 picked a long one. I LOVE both dresses as they look great on the girls and the 2 with the long said they would be willing to shorten it. But Idk if itll look as good short and it long. Has anyone done (seen) a wedding with long and short birdesmaid dresses?

Re: Bridesmaid dresses - Long AND short?

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    I think it would be fine to have varying lengths.

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    I personally like all one length. I guess it goes back to your own preference. I am having all my BMs wear long, mostly due to the fact the I think the pictures will look better. I want my wedding to be a little more formal looking, and therefore short isn't really what I wanted. I let all my BMs pic the style and fabric. I just ask for the same color and length. Look at your wedding idea also, if it's more formal, you might want to do all one length, but if it's more casual, I would say go with the different lengths.

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    I think it will be fine as well - my main concern was that I wanted them to be comfortable and appropriate & conservative for their body type. If you want the pictures to "look" a certain way then say something. All 3 of my BMs live in different states and cities and don't really know each other; I had them e-mail me their top 2 favs from David's Bridal (they knew what color it had to be), and then I took my favorite from each girl and posted it on our wedding website. That way they can see what the others are wearing and it all kind of links in.
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    I think it will be fine. I would probably have them just stand in an alternating pattern since you have the same number of long and short.
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    awesome, Thanks everyone! :)
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