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Confused about asking FSIL to be BM

Hello ladies. I feel confused about asking my FSIL to be my BM. We are cordial with each other and have very little to say to each other. We are two entirely different people. I want to get closer to her and ask her to be my BM. But I recently saw her at a wedding, and as my FI and I were talking about our wedding plans, she appears to be apathetic. She doesn't ask us anything and just stays quiet. I could be overreacting, but I wish I could see her appear to be interested in our future plans, given the fact I want to ask her to be my BM. When we see each other, we only chat for about 2 minutes and that's it. We have never talked personal stuff and my FI and I have been dating for 5 years! How can open the door to a relationship I would like to build with her??

Re: Confused about asking FSIL to be BM

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    Why not just let your relationship with her evolve on its own and leave the wedding day out of it?  I adore by brother's wife, but it would never have occurred to impose myself on her wedding party.  The significance of being a BM is (to me) having a life history with the bride.

    It may be regional (or I may just be out of the loop), but I'd never even heard of people asking FSILs to be BMs until this website.  I've personally never been to a wedding where this occurs, so I'm not sure why you would want to do this.  She may feel the same way - thinking it's presumptuous... an implication of a relationship that doesn't exist, and in which she may not be interested.  She'll be at the wedding.  Unless it's something your FI is interested in, I'd let it go.
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    I guess I thought it would be a nice way to open up our relationship. That way we can do things together and get closer. I thought of her right when I got engaged. But I just don't know how she feels either way. My FI was thinking about throwing out a hint to her and see how she reacts to it. I've only been in 1 wedding and haven't been to many so I'm totally confused on what to do.
    I don't want her to feel obligated either. I could just allow our relationship to evolve on its own and hope her or my FMIL won't feel offended.
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    Asking someone to be a BM in hopes of strengthening the relationship is a classic mistake.  Usually quite the opposite is the case.

    If you're not close to her, don't ask her.  If your FI wants her in the wedding party, she can stand on his side.
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    Instead of just asking her straight up about being a bridesmaid, consider spending just one on one time with her, see how she feels, bring up the wedding and other things. That how i got use to my FSIL and she is now my bridesmaid. I figured if you start lightly things will get better, and if you find that your both on the same page about everything than might as well ask her.
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    I did when I got married 30 years ago, and it has led to a wonderful relationship with someone I didn't really know at all at the time.  My daughter also did the same for her wedding.  No expectations for a big relationship moment...just reaching a hand across the aisle as it were.
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    I'm going to advise you to wait until 6 - 12 months before the wedding to ask people to be in your wedding party. Your wedding isn't until May 5, 2012, right? That's a long way off. Lots of things can change in the next 2 years. Start building  relationships with all your FILs and see what happens.

    In the meantime, read the posts on the wedding party board from brides that asked early and for various reasons want to kick out BMs, GMs, demote MOH and best men.
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    BMs are girls who have been with you through thick and thin, who you confided in, who know the details of your relationship with FI, who you talk to all the time, who you go shopping with, who you go to the movies with, who you've been in their weddings, etc.

    You just met your FSIL a while back, and she isn't a close friend of yours who has been with you through thick and thin - so she doesn't meet the criteria for BM.

    If she HAS been a friend to FI besides just being his sister, and if he has confided in her throughout his whole life like a best friend, and if he feels that she has been with him and helped him through thick and thin, then she would fit the criteria to stand up for HIM on HIS side.
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    Thank you all for your advice.
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    I was in my SIL and brother's wedding and she will be in mine; however my FSIL will not be in my wedding.  I really think it depends on the person and they type of interaction you have with them.  If you don't feel like asking her would be comfortable or well received....I'd hold off on it!

    Good Luck!
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    I agree with Marie - if you're not getting married for a while, hold off. I would wait until about 12 months out to make any decisions, since a lot can happen before then!
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