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I'm just venting. I don't think there is a reasonable solution to my little problem. I have three bridesmaids and a MoH. They are each wearing a different dress in a different shade of blue. My FSIL is not a bridesmaid and she knows that. I did let her get a dress, purchased it myself, from David's. It was different from the ones the girls in the wedding selected and a different color. The consultant didn't size her correctly and when it came in it didn't fit. So, despite their policy, I spoke with them and they agreed to exchange the dress for a larger size. The color she originally selected would take too long to come in, so they were going to match her with a different color. But I was under the impression that it would be the same style. The stipulation was that they had to go in that day and take care of it. I wasn't available to go with them so I trusted them to handle this. She's not in the bridal party so I wasn't terribly concerned about it. I get a text from her later telling me that she got the same dress as one of the bridesmaids -- specifically telling me which bridesmaid, and it happens to be the same color. It was ordered and according to David's policy they can't take it back, and all sales are final. I told the bridesmaid, who was mad, but wasn't so mad that she felt like something needed to be done about it. I am very upset. I can't figure out if they just didn't know this piece of etiquette, or if it was intentional. And I don't really want to bring it up. Ugh!! But I feel so bad for the bridesmaid who no longer has a unique dress.

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    You paid for the dress for your FSIL.  I would just ask her to not wear the dress you purchased.  If possible, taking her shopping at Macys or JC Pennys and find a dress for her to wear then.  It seems as if they didn't realize anything about the dress style or color for your BM.  And since she isn't a BM, David's Bridal didn't check your account to see if it was a match or duplicate of a BM.
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    What a sticky situation. I have a FMIL that is trying to do the same thing.  Is she tagging along for pictures? If not, it won't be documented that they are the same. Though some people might think she is in the wedding, when they learn she is not, she will look odd or like she tried to match. If she is going to be around all day, maybe you can mentioned that you wanted all the dresses to be different so you will help her find something to keep with your theme. Good Luck!

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