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Gift for meeting future mother-in-law

Next weekend my fiance and I are flying to his home city to meet both his mother and grandmother (well and step-dad and half-brother).  I am trying to think of an appropriate gift for my mother-in-law to be.  Any suggestions?

Re: Gift for meeting future mother-in-law

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    I don't know that this is necessarily a gift-giving occassion.  But if you really want to, you should ask your FI.  He knows his mom way better than a bunch of internet strangers.
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    I don't think a gift is necessary, but I also don't see a problem with doing it either b/c I'm sure she will think it is a very nice gesture.  I would stick with something simple, not too over the top and inexpensive.  You could get her a nice scented candle, a bottle of wine (but I'd ask your FI first if she drinks wine or if she'd be offended by that), or even a picture frame with a picture of you and you FI.  If the two fo you have had engagement pictures taken it would be nice to get her a nice frame with one of your engagement pictures in it.  
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    I agree that a gift is not neccessary.  However, talk to FI about what his mom likes.  Framed photo of you and FI is always cute, I know our family members have all made comments about needing pictures of us for their houses.  Also bottle of wine if she is a wine drinker.  Or, if your current city is known for a specific food or beverage she may enjoy that is always a neat gift. 
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    Sometimes it is just nice to even bring flowers (if not allergic) and/or choclates/wine. Something  small but lets them know you care. Your FI will be able to give you more advice.
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