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Have no idea what to get one of my BMs! HELP!

So FI and I made a deal when it came to picking out gifts for the WP, Parents, and Grandparent gifts. He'd choose and buy for the guys and I'd choose and buy for the gals. The only thing we picked out together was the guys in the WP were cufflinks cause I was looking on ebay for a pair for my father and found a pair that had Captain America's Sheild on it. I showed FI (hes a big Marvel Comics geek and Captain America is his fave superhero) and thus sprung the idea to get the guys cufflinks based on all the Avengers (think Captain America, Ironman, Wolverine, The Hulk, Spiderman, and Thor). Then FI will pick out a little something extra for them.

So for all the girls I decided to have necklace made custom to each of them and got them a little something extra. My cousin has 1 with her birthstone, her daughters, and her husbands. She's really into having family pictures so I found a pewter picture frame at Belks that holds 2 pictures that says then and now. I was going to get a picture of us when we were little then give her 1 of us at the wedding for it.

My SIL has 1 with hers, my nephews, and my brothers. Then I got her a rabbit from the Jim Shore collection she didn't have yet. My paternal grandma has 1 with mine, my little sisters, and our fathers. I found these cute little kitty-cat salt/pepper shakers to add to her collection. My step-paternal grandma has 1 with mine, my brothers, and our cousin christophers. She collects Fabrigee (sp?) eggs so I'm still looking for 1 that isn't like any she has. FI's grandma has 1 that's all amethyst cause her favorite color is lavender...she's obsessed with it. And we're buying her the dress she'll wear to the wedding though we may buy her something else to.

My Momma has 1 with mine my brothers and my brothers son her first grandchild. I got her a similar picture frame to my cousins except its black wrought iron and is meant to be hung on the wall. I was going to either get the 1st picture ever taken of me and her after she gave birth to me or a picture of us on HER wedding day when she married my stepdad, then give her 1 of us on MY wedding day. I didn't get my maternal grandma a necklace cause she doesn't wear jewelry other than her wedding band. But I'm going to get her a yellow or purple rose bush (the only colors she doesn't have in her garden) and I got her a rooster figurine for her kitchen and an angel to add to her angel collection.

Now for the difficult BM. I got my BFF the same necklace with the birth (or rather adoption) stone of each of her 3 cats. But I have no idea what else to get her. I was going to get her something to add to whatever collection she has...she doesn't have one. The only thing she collects is Hard Rock shotglasses from each place she travels to. So I decided to get her a book cause shes a bookworm like me. No idea what she has, what she reads, or if there's any particular books she wants. I thought about getting her a at home spa kit in her favorite scent. She still has a TON of stuff from when we worked together at Victoria's Secret 6 years ago. I went to my fall back plan of when in doubt buy liqour. She doesn't drink anymore. And there's nothing on her wish list that's in my price range right's more she's starting her hanukkah list early of things for mom and dad and BF to buy her.

I honestly have no clue what to get her. FI joked that I should tell her to tell me what she wants or she's getting a teddybear with a dreidel. She's Jewish and we have a running dreidel song/supermario brothers theme joke. Plus I call her my short jew...though she calls me her dumb blonde (even though I'm brunette...I'm ditzy), you'd have had to been there to understand it. So what do I do? What do I get her? I don't want to go to all the trouble of getting everyone else an actual gift then get her a gift card. That just seems a little too much like "I cared enough about them to take time and pick something out. I don't care about you so here's cash." Least as a thank you gift. What do I do?

Re: Have no idea what to get one of my BMs! HELP!

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    Well, you say she likes to read. Maybe a reading basket? Those are thoughtful, and easily done on a budget if you have one. A nice booklight, a gift card to a bookstore, especially if she has an e-reader, a comfy pair of slippers or a cute blanket, a humorous book about cats. There's an awesome and hilarious web comic strip about cats that now has several books, My FI told me about it, and it's fairly obscure, so she's unlikely to have heard of it, but it's cute. The reading basket is the only thing I'm coming up with right now. Hope it helps. Good luck!
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    I might have to check those out.  I like the reading basket idea though she did tell me she doesn't get to read as much anymore cause she's looking for a full time teaching job.  I got a friend who lives near her (they're both outta state) snoop around to see if he can turn up anything.  I know she loves cats (at least she loves her own), she's into the Ren Faire stuff, and she's still involved in the Girl Scouts (she's whatever the highest ranking Girl Scout is.  FI's an Eagle Scout so they talk about that a lot).
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    If she is looking for a full time teaching job- I'm not sure when your wedding is- but maybe yoiu can wait and see if she gets it and find her a nice desk set for her new desk. Or maybe a book about teaching.

    Also, if she's into cats and I think having three constitutes into cats-why not get her some cute cat stuff. Everyone that has a pet loves cute stuff involving their pets. There are really cute/funny cat books out there.

    And what about a framed photo of the two of you? I mean you can't go wrong there.

    If all else fails, I would get her a gift card to do something " nice " for herself. If its get a new book at borders or a gift card for a manicure or something out of the ordinary she might not spend money on.

    You also don't have to get her a Material item. You could simply call her and see if she wants to go with you to get a manicure and pay. OR maybe out to a nice dinner together and tell her you are taking her out to tahnk  her for being a part of your wedding day. OR you could take her to a museum or something-- spend a day together. Just say "I could't think of anything more personal to give you than just us spending time together "so that way she knows that is why she isn't getting two items like everyone else.
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    That would work if she didn't live in Maryland and I live in South Carolina.  There's about a 12 or 13 hour drive between my house and hers.  I was searching online for the "naughty dreidel" (I posted on Bridesdotcom and 1 of the girls mentioned it) and I found a really pretty regular decorative pewter one:" class="jive-link-external">

    I showed it to a mutual friend and he thinks she'd love it. Especially since I found it down south. LOL She doesn't need to know I found it online! So I think that's what I'm going to get her. Now to figure out what to get my 1 grandma cause my mom just informed me she bought a yellow and purple rose bush for her garden. Momma's digging around to see if there are any other plants she's wanting though I'm thinking of getting her the rooster for her kitchen AND the angel for her collection.  Or maybe taking her out for a day together without pappaw.

    And we finished up the guys presents today.  FI wanted to go to Barnes and Noble (I was shocked) cause he wanted to get a book on the history of Marvel Characters (once I heard that shock went away).  He also told me to pick out 4 new books (YAY!) so I did.  Well while we were there he spotted a book on the history of Legos (of all things lol).  My friend Jeremy who's doing our music as a wedding gift is a Lego NUT!  So needless to say we HAD to get it for him as a thank you gift.  So now all we have left is the 1 grandma and I'll have to wait till closer to time anyway cause I'll kill a plant unless I get it the day before the rehearsal.  Though it's touch and go then my black thumb is THAT BAD!

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