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Davids Bridal BM dresses

How long does it take to order Davids Bridal BM dresses? The lady told me in the store 5 months! I doubt that! If you odered BM dresses from there how long did it take you to get them?

I have a September wedding and was planning on ordering the BM dresses March or I feel like I have to order asap....ahhhh help! Lessen my worries.

Re: Davids Bridal BM dresses

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    The longest I've ever heard on DB dress is 4 weeks.  Every time I've ever needed something from DB, including BM gowns and my wedding gown, I walked out of the store with it same day.  They carry extensive stock.
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    I've never heard of it taking more than a few weeks and David's. 

    But they do tend to really push potential customers into ordering or putting money down on a dress THAT day.  This locks you in as a customer.  So I think they may give you a longer order turnaround time to help push you into ordering sooner.  Plus, it allows extra time in case there are problems with the order or size.

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    All but one my BM's/Flower girl ordered their's and received them in about 3 weeks. Only one received her's after 5 weeks because it was the holiday time and they did say that during the holidays it can take longer.
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    Some of their stuff comes in really fast, and others come in at the last possible moment.  It's really irritating.

    I bought my wedding dress from there, and was told it would take 12 weeks.  I got it within two weeks.
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    My sister had 3 months to plan her wedding and we got all the dresses from DB. The BM dresses weren't ordered until the beginning of June for her August 2nd wedding. They arrived 3 weeks before the wedding. Her dress took a little longer to get in..I think it came in two weeks before the wedding and she had ordered at the same time. So I guess it took about 6 weeks or so for them to come in. You definitely don't need to order them 5 months out.
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    When I got married, I was told 8 weeks, so I had to go somewhere else. I'd call a couple different Davids Bridal stores to find out, and ask what their rush charges are if you need them sooner than their time frame. They can't take longer than the wedding dresses though and that's usually 10-12 weeks. 
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    two of my girls ordered from Davids outlet a week ago and their dresses are here today. two years ago i was a bridesmaid and we got our dresses in two months.

    I guess it depends on what you get
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    It depends on the stock they have of the dress (style, color, size, etc).  They have quite a large stock of items, but even so, it's impossible that they stock every bridesmaids dress in every size and color.  If they have them, it should be very quick, if they don't, it might be a little longer, but I still don't think their turn around time is 5 months.
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    They work on commission, so usually they want to pressure you into buying as soon as you can. I'm a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in June, and they made her all paranoid trying to tell her that she needed to order by November for a June wedding, that they were considering discontinuing the color, etc. So naturally we ordered right away and had our dresses 3 weeks later. :-/  They'll tell you anything to make a sale, and make it today.
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    8 weeks is what they told me. I have a May wedding, and my bridesmaids were told they had 'til the end of Feb to order. The consultant was probably just trying to push you into a sale.
  • Xtine22Xtine22 member
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    I had a september wedding and was told the girls should order their dress by the end of May. The all did. I believe the earliest dress came in June and the rest were in by end of July at the latest.
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    I worked at Davids Bridal for a year. The dresses are made in bulk, so alot of times they have the dresses already in the warehouse ready to ship out, hence why many times you get the dress in just a few weeks vs. the lead time they told you (8 weeks or 6 weeks). yes, they do work off commission, but its off the bridal gowns mostly. When they tell you the lead time of 8 weeks and that you should probably order now, its to save the companys butt from a bride being mad that they told you it would come in, in 3 weeks and it really does take the full 8 week. its really not to pressure you (90% of the time).

    You also have to consider when you are purchasing. Late winter and spring are THE BUSIEST times for DB.. alot of times they DO have the dresses already in the warehouse, but when its busy, chances are they have to make them. I just had my BMs order their dresses by the end of january. My wedding is the end of April. The dresses came in less than 2 weeks.

    I would still consider the lead time they tell you and know that they are also trying to help your girls out for alterations if they choose to have them done there. those take several weeks during busy season.

    I hope this helps.. sorry it's so long, but I just needed to get the understanding that the lead times are not a pressure tactic. I think you shoudl be fine if you waited until this summer to order the dresses for a sept. wedding. summer is the slow season.
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    Okay only because I've worked there for 3 years will i answer this.. IT all depends on the color and style of the dress.. A order can be 6 weeks.. which is the average, and a lot of times comes in sooner.. (dont count on sooner, but quiet often they do)

    BUT there are some Cut to Order Dresses that can be 12-18 weeks sometimes. Seperates are gunna fall into that catagory a lot of the time.  Along with some of the Not as popular colors of dresses.   So I understand that they are trying to pressure you. BUT Do know that it truely is the case sometimes.. So Dont  compeletly wait..

    I am in a wedding on August 13, and I told the Bride to make sure all the BM's to have thier dresses ordered by May 1st.    But do remember these dresses are Black. and are on a standard 6 week order..

    Hope that Helps..

    And do remember that, order times can change, you can have a gal order one today, and two days from now it could go from a 6 week order to a 8 week order.. 
  • vinnyv11vinnyv11 member
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    My BM's ordered their dresses from David's Bridal on January 22nd.  Their receipts said delivery date of March 28th, they got an email today that their dresses are in.  It didn't even take 2 weeks. 
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    They're telling me 8 weeks MAX on the DB 83312 (cotton sateen with pleated top, short style).  They carry it in stock regularly.  One of my BM's went in to order it about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and it just came in this week.  They also told her it would be 8 weeks.  

    Yeah, I'm beginning to think that with popular styles, it's not an issue to get it within 4 weeks or less.  However, it is good to allow for about 6 weeks just in case.  Make sure they don't try to put a rush charge on your BM's.  

    When we originally decided on 83312, they told us to order 4 months out.  LOL.  Seriously.  I originally told my BM's by the end of February for the July 16 wedding.  Now I'm thinking that they could have ordered in April or even May and have no issue.  However, my only concern was that the style might get discontinued after this season (it's been on for 2 seasons) which means that they'll sell out of what's in stock, and that's it.  Thankfully, most of my BM's don't mind going ahead and placing the order, even if the dress comes in a little early.  
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    We were told to order in May for my Sept. 3 wedding.  That allows time for alterations that may need to be done.
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    My girls ordered their dresses mid January and already got them in.
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  • teresastovallteresastovall member
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    Ok, I didn't order BM dresses but I did order my wedding dress their.  I had to order extra length and it came in in 3 weeks.
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    I'd call the same store (or have a friend call) and ask the same question with a much shorter timeframe.  Maybe say the wedding is 2-3 months out.  See if they change the answer when given a shorter timeframe.  If they're not just saying something to get you in the door, the answer will be consistent.
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    For two of the dresses, it took 3 months for the dress to come in. For the other two, they were in within 2 weeks. So it must vary from dress to dress.

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