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What was I thinking?

I have two girls in my bridal party -- my MOH and one BM. When we first started talking about dresses, I told them they did not have to wear the same dress, only that it be black and similar length (either both long or both short). When they started discussing styles, they both seemed to be on the same page anyway. To make a long story short, both girls got their dresses and while I like each dress that they picked out, I'm just really having doubts about how this is all going to look together. I got so caught up in not wanting to be a bridezilla and making them wear a dress they may not like, that now I'm stuck with two completely different dresses that I just don't think will look good next to each other. I'm tempted to just buy them matching dresses, but I don't know how to bring it up to them or even offer. With only two months until the wedding, I know I need to figure something out soon -- what would you do in this situation?

Re: What was I thinking?

  • Let them wear the dresses they bought?  Honestly, I think with two bridesmaids it would look weirder to have them matching exactly.  It'll look fine- unless you have some reason to think they won't?  Is there something specific that makes you think they won't look good next to each other?  You know, like, if one were all covered in sequins, and the other was a plain jersey dress or something, then I could see a problem.
  • You really have to let them wear their dresses now that they bought them. Being a bridezilla would be making them return the dresses/buy new ones.

    I did the same thing for my July wedding. I have a MOH and a bridesmaid wearing black dresses that are two different styles. My wedding colors are black and red so I am using the red to bring them together. I am doing a red sash, red shoes, and perhaps and red flower in their hair. Their bouquets will also kind of match. The dress style can be different but you can use accessories to make them come together.

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  • I think it'll look awesome and you should let them wear what they bought. Trust me, no one is going to be sitting there thinking "wow, those girls don't match" they're going to be sitting there thinking "Wow, both of those girls look fantastic in their dresses!"

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  • Most guests do not care how much the BMs dresses go together. They go, "oh, they are pretty girls. Where is the bride!?" In your photos years later you will see the smiling faces of your best friends, not that their dresses did not perfectly match. I would just let them wear what they purchased.
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