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FMIL deserves a Nobel Peace Prize

-  she threw a beutiful and amazing shower for me
-  handled my touchy relatives like a pro
- paid for the dinner out to meet my dad's parents (FI & I had put aside some money for this but she refused our offer to pay)
- calmed a situation that could have turned my shower into a WWF smackdown
- ordered me cupcakes from my FAVORITE bakery for the shower
- was polite and sweet to everyone
- helped me load all my gifts into her husbands truck and brought them to my house
- bought the postage for my invitations
- wrote me a new address book full of her family contacts with notes like birthday, favorite colors, nicknames and birth order (she has a huge family)

She's amazing!!!!! i just wanted that out there that i can't even begin to thank her enough!!!!!!
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Re: FMIL deserves a Nobel Peace Prize

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    I'll vote for your FMIL. She sounds like a gracious woman who thinks on her feet. I'll bet you've thanked her a hundred times and she said, 'Oh, it was nothing.'

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    That's awesome!! Your FMIL sounds like a wonderful lady. :)
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    She sounds amazing! Can she adopt me???? ; ) 

    (Nah, my MIL is a sweet gal. A little different, but very nice.) 

    Yours really does sound awesome, though ... and she possesses some diplomatic superpowers apparently!

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    JEALOUS!!!  But that's awesome!

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    This place needs more awesome MIL and FMIL stories like yours!
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    Wow! Thank her in a special way because as you can see, not all of us are blessed with good FMILs. As i read your post I can safely say that mine would have done all of the opposite. She would have bought herself the cupcake she liked, demanded dinner be bought for her, and offered to bring the gifts back to our place then use that as an excuse to stop over whenever she feels like.

    So be glad yours is so nice! You're lucky!

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    Broomstick - I hope you show your FMIL this thread.
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