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2 Maids of Honor?!?

 I am recently engaged and have already asked my best friend since middle school to be my maid of honor. It wasn't even something that needed to be considered, I always knew it would be her. Obviously we are super close and talk almost everyday, see each other very often. I also have already asked my bridesmaids, 6 of them.
   However I have been thinking that I have 2 best friends, 2 girls that I am super close to, would do anything for and vice versa.
    I also talk to bestie # 2 ( whom I met in highschool ) almost everyday and see her just as much. I did ask her to be a bridesmaid, but am considering asking her to be a maid of honor as well. They are both the closest people to me,  right up there with the man I'm so happy to be marrying. I couldn't imagine either of them not being there beside me.
   But I am worried about hurting bestie # 1's feelings by asking a 2nd Maid of honor. I don't want her to feel less special or less important me, but have suspicion she will. They are both single by the way. What to do?!?!

Re: 2 Maids of Honor?!?

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    Ask them both.  I had a similar question a month or so ago and other posters affirmed what I alredy knew.  I have 3 MOH's.  They all mean just as much to me as the next and a real friends won't feel slighted because someone else gets honored, they will simply be thrilled you thought of them.  
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