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Centerpiece Ideas

Hello everyone!

I'm a first-time poster on this board but a former knottie (married in 10/10) and I know how valuable other knotties are with planning.

I'm the MOH in my cousin's wedding in May.  We're in the early stages of planning my cousin's shower (for March) and 4 of the 7 BMs are no help whatsoever. I've been sending emails about what price range they want to stay in, different venues, ect, but there has been no response from anyone. So I'm just trying to give them two estimates with different places and letting them vote.

My problem is centerpieces. Because I'm getting very little feedback from the other BMs, I'm just trying to piece things together on my own. We don't really have a theme at the moment but it is going to be a brunch at your average party room at a venue. The wedding colors are yellow with some orange accents. Besides flowers, what is an inexpensive, non-cheesy centerpiece idea? Obviously I'm trying to keep costs as low as possible--especially since the brides wants to invite 84 women to her shower!

Any and all suggestions are welcome. TIA!

Tara & Jose 10.17.10

Re: Centerpiece Ideas

  • Why dont you have your centerpieces be something they win for a game .. If you didnt plan on games maybe just doing a raffle.. You could do themed baskets in the center, make one a movie, a spa one, etc.. That way its inexpensive and each BM can be designated to making there "own basket".
  • Tonya729Tonya729 member
    edited December 2012
    Why dont you do something that they can win? If you dont plan on doing games maybe just a raffle. Each BM can be designated to a basket to make.. You could do a spa themed one, a movie night one, etc. That way it'll be inexpensive, the BM's can help out and you dont have to worry about ordering other centerpieces.
  • Do you know that these bridesmaids WANT to help pay for the shower? Because they don't have to, and if you're expecting them to without ever asking, that's really rude. I also don't see why a shower needs centerpieces or a rented venue. They don't need to be complicated. You really shouldn't count on getting money from the other BMs, especially if they were never given a choice about contributing to the shower. Host the shower you can afford, and if that means you can't have all 84 people, tell the bride you just can't afford it. A shower is a gift, not a right, so she should be grateful for having a shower, and not be upset if she has to trim down her list. 

    For easy, cheap centerpieces, why not votives in colored holders? Simple, easy to set up and break down, and inexpensive. You can even make your own.  http://blog.makezine.com/craft/a_very_simple_menorah/
  • Flowers would be good to, just was thinking something "less expensive"..then at the end of the shower someone can take those flowers home. My only reason for a "raffle" idea was so that no one would argue or more than one person wanting the centerpiece
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Wait until after the holidays are over.  Maybe the other girls don't know what their money situation will be like until they are done buying their Christmas gifts.  Then in January, send an email asking all: 

    As you know, I'm hoping to throw a shower to the bride.  Please let me know if you want to contribute to the shower and how much you could afford, by x date.  The bride currently would like 84 guests at the shower.  Does anyone know of an affordable venue to host this many people?

    After you either hear or don't hear from the other BM.  You could continue your plans as needed.  Either contact the bride and tell her that you cannot host 84 people, please cut the list to x.  Maybe one of the other BM could offer up her home for the shower, etc. 
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