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Wedding Dress Rental place

Does anyone know of any places I can rent my wedding dress? Nice, not out dated, dresses?

Re: Wedding Dress Rental place

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    I know nothing about this firsthand, but this came up in a search: http://bridalgownrentalandsales.com/

    And, I just had to mention this just in case -- if you're thinking of renting primarily because you have a low budget, you might be surprised what you can find. I was shocked at how many places in DFW had super-affordable wedding dresses. Bridal Co in Dention had a HUGE rack of dresses from $199-399 when I visited, and I hear you can get amazing deals at Anonymously Yours.

    So, just in case you can't find much info about renting (because I don't think it's too common yet, at least not around here) you can get a great dress on a sales rack at most of the bridal stores recommended on this board.
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    thank you very much!
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