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This just occurred to me ...

What do parents of the bride usually do for a gift to the couple? 

Or is the wedding the gift? (Hubs and I are paying for everything, including the RD.) Is that enough? Or do we give another monetary gift? Or an actual tangible gift? 

I just realized we hadn't even discussed/considered it. 


Re: This just occurred to me ...

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    Is there smething you know they really want that would be special to them?  My first daughter was married almost 2 years ago.  I knew she loved my Kitchen Aid mixer and would not be able to afford one on her own.  I watched for them to go on sale at Kohls' and then waited for a 30% coupon.  It also happened to coincide with the $10 Kohl's Cash back I used those vouchers to get her shower gifts for free.  :)
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    Nothing comes to mind ... BUT, we still have 80 days! LOL

    They love to travel but with their school/work schedules, it is tough for them to get away for really the next year or so. 

    (FYI, I love my KA Mixer ... don't know how I functioned without it!)
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    It is up to you how you would like to do this. Some parents consider the wedding a gift - and those of us writing those checks know it is!!

    We paid for most of our girls' weddings but not the whole deal.  We have given each girl the bedding they registered for at BB&B for their gift.  If we were paying for the whole thing and the RD also, not sure if we would do a gift or not.

    Whatever you decide is just fine.
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    My husband and I have given our daughter a generous cash gift to be used at her discretion toward her wedding. That is our wedding gift.

    I will be giving her pearl earrings and pendant for her shower gift. My grandmother's cameo ring was my 'something borrowed' on my wedding day. When my daughter was born, she gave me the ring for keeps. So I will repeat that tradition with my daughter. My grandmother was my daughter's Godmother so it is especially appropriate to pass the ring to her.

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    DH's dad gave us a generous check.  My parents paid for the venue but their other gift was my favorite of all of them.  They went antiquing for a couple of months (and went on e-bay) and found spoons that were then cleaned up and framed in a shadow box on velvet.  The spoons were two from Greece (DH is 100% Greek), one from Ireland, one from France and one from Germany (my heritage).  Between the Greek and nonGreek spoons were one from Cleveland (where we met) and one from Philadelphia (where we live and got married).
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    MobKazMobKaz member
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    We paid for DD's wedding in its entirety, and in essence, that was our gift.   I also gifted my daughter a pair of earrings designed to look just like her engagement ring. The earrings were created from jewelry passed down to me from my mother.

    For my sons wedding next week, we gifted them a similar amount of money to be used as they wish.  I also had a ring made for my FDIL, again, fashioned from heirloom jewelry.

    I would guess that after such generosity, your daughter would never expect you to get them anything else.  (Other than an incredibly sentimental card!)
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    I doubt she or FI are expecting anything, and they have both been so appreciative and fun about it all.  I just wasn't sure if parents do gifts or not. DH's and my own parents gave us cash and nice cards, but we paid for our own wedding. 

    I've never had a child marry before, so just don't know. And I guess whatever we do will sort of set the precedent for our two other children. 

    Gosh, there's a lot to this whole deal of your kids getting married! LOL!

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    My Mom's are giving us $100 cash in a card (well actually my Mom already spent it on our hotel room for the night of the wedding but that's what it was supposed to be). They are covering a large majority of the wedding.

    I'm not sure what my Dad or Fi's parents will do.
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    Our parents are giving us money towards the wedding as our gift.
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    My parents paid for the reception and my dress.  They were also very generous with gifts at my shower.  I honestly expected nothing else as they were so generous already!  But they also gave us a cash gift (which is more common in our area than physical gifts). 
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    I think if you're paying for the wedding, your daughter and her fiance probably won't be expecting anything more. As I'm sure you know, weddings can cost quite a bit, so that's quite a lot of stress off their shoulders if you and your husband are footing the bill. 

    But if you would like to get them something extra, it's really up to you. I'm sure your daughter is very appreciative of what you and your husband have done already though :)
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