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Hot yoga gift for bridesmaids

I used this website for everything for my wedding and thought it would be a great place to poll the audience of brides and see if any of you thought this would be a good idea. My sister's opening a yoga studio in Ladera Ranch and I told her I thought she should offer a deal to brides for $29 to buy their bridesmaids an unlimited month membership, the month before the wedding date, so the bridesmaids could go to classes together. Since everyone tries to loose a few lbs. to look good in their dresses, but might not want to do the full on bridesmaid bootcamp, I thought it would be a good idea. Would anyone do this if they saw a deal like that in their area? Not trying to promote her company or anything, just wanted to get a few opinions before telling her to adversize on bridal sites.

Also, a tip from a former bride who used this site... export your guest address list! I did, and I've used it for the last five years for Christmas Cards. You gather all the addresses in one place and then you can export it and save it. I even used it for baby shower invitations :) The site only keeps your info for a year or so, so be sure to export and save it!


Re: Hot yoga gift for bridesmaids

  • I would not do something like that to my bridesmaids.  That is taking someone's time away from them so they will look better for your wedding, and it could greatly insult the girls who are nearest and dearest to you.  In all honesty, if a bride told me she bought me yoga classes for the month before her wedding, she just might be down 1 bridesmaid.  It is just incredibly insulting to me and it turns the bridesmaids into props for pictures because they need to "look better."
  • I mean, I probably wouldn't be insulted, because I actually do yoga on a regular basis, but I do it at my regular gym with my regular instructor, or on my own. I wouldn't necessarily want a bunch of free classes with someone new. So, some girls might like something like this, but certainly not everyone, even if they already do yoga, and especially if they don't. Hope that helps.
  • I wouldn't do it, because of my bridal party, only one is into yoga at all.  I mean, I think it's a nice idea for a gift if you have a bridesmaid who's really into yoga AND doesn't already have a studio they go to.  (Also, everyone doesn't try to lose weight before being a bridesmaid- none of mine are, and I've never tried to lose weight before being in someone else's wedding.)

    I also think you're working under the assumption that most people's bridesmaids all live in the same place as they do...that's not been the case at most weddings I've been in, and in my own wedding, I have two folks in the same city as me, one a couple states away, and two overseas. 

    I think if your sister wants to do a promotion, she'd certainly get a few people...but I don't think something like this would be a big generator of business.
  • I would not get it, even if my bridemaids were all in the area. I think it subtly would imply "you need to get in shape to look good enough to be in my pictures" which is very rude. Plus as a PP mentioned, not all bridesmaids try to lose weight. Heck, not even all brides try to!

    That being said, maybe tweaking it slightly would work. Perhaps, say, offer it for brides or bridesmaids looking to get in shape? So it's not "hey buy this for your friends so they look better" but "hey, if you're trying to lose weight for a wedding, come lose it with us."
  • I wouldn't appreciate it but I'm not one of your BMs. 

    Some people really love work outs and would love this.   I would rather have a gift card for a facial.
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