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what would you choose?

Would you want a gift card to your fav clothing/ restauraunt store? or to a spa?
How much is an appropriate amount?  i dont have too much $$ to spend- is $50 enough?  or is it alot?
any suggestions/ thoughts appreciated!

Re: what would you choose?

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    I think any of those sound good and you should get what fits each person best. It's also up to you on how much to spend, so just do whatever you are most comfortable with. 
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    tlopes07tlopes07 member
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    I agree with waltzing. 

    Depending on your budget and how many BM's you have i'd say $50pp is good.  Personally I love SPA's

    Good Luck :)
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    ShakeUpTampaShakeUpTampa member
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    $50 is perfect imho. I would certainly do something they enjoy. For my one friend it would be to Ulta, my sister a game card to get upgrades on her favorite like its their birthday!
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