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Asking brother to be Man of Honor

I will not be having any bridesmaids- Only my brother- as a man of honor. My Fiance will be having his two brothers on his side. I know its 'uneven' but it is important for us to have family on the altar with us instead of friends. anyways, I've been seeing some really cute ideas to ask brides maids "will you be my bridesmaid" things- was wondering if anyone had a cute idea for something to give my brother to officially ask him to be my "man of Honor" (i've already briefly asked him... but not 'officially)  just looking for ideas for something special I could do for him. (i know he'll be getting alot of beef for standing on the 'girl's side...'  thank you!

Re: Asking brother to be Man of Honor

  • A letter with this: Through the in's and out's And thick and thin No matter what's happened There've you been you smile when i need it and listen when i grieve, you hug me when i cry and blow boogers on your sleeve I treasure you brother More than diamonds or gold, and i promise i wil when we are saggy and old So please stand by my side when i say "I DO" for I wouldn't be me without a brother like you.
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  • I think that poem is very sweet.  

    I had my brother be my man of honor 15 years ago; he was very happy to do so and it was great! I have a really funny pic of him holding my bouquet and posing like he is an oh-so-pretty bridesmaid. Someday it will be used for blackmail purposes! ; )

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