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Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

My best friend asked for a tea party bridal shower but the only problem is her guest list is long.  I am looking for a vendor in the north Jersey or even NY that could handle a tea party for 60-80 guests.  Does anyone know of such a place?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

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    Definitely try your local board!  Click on Local Wedding Boards, then scroll down to New Jersey and pick the right one.

    80 people is a tremendous amount for a shower.

    If you can get the number down, hosting a tea shower at your (or someone's) home wouldn't be too difficult.  Finger sandwiches, tea, tea cups and cake!  My own shower was a tea party - I loved it. 

    But, if you can't afford to host 80 people, then tell her the number you can comfortable host or gracefully tell her someone else will have to throw this massive shower.
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    I threw a tea-themed shower for my sister in north Jersey.  The place at which I held it no longer exists, but we didn't do it at a tea room.  We did a brunch.  It worked really well for tea, and for the theme, we:

    Got antique teapots from a local consignment shop to use as centerpieces, with balloons tied to them.  These also doubled as prizes for the games.

    Got small tins of tea from (the sampler packs) and gave one to each guest.  We just tied 'em with ribbon and got custom stickers saying ****'s Wedding Shower on them.

    It worked.

    It's also pretty easy to throw a tea party in a house.  Varietis of tea, small sandwiches, salad, and scones and cake.  Really not bad at all for a house party if you've got a place that'd fit it, and that'd be less expensive than a restaurant.
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    Another tea party theme idea: I helped throw a tea party shower in December, and we wrapped all the gifts (lingerie) in tea canisters.
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