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i have three now my sister is the moh my fsil is one bridesmaid and my younger cousin is my third. my original plan was to only have my sister and fsil. then the fi decides to invite his buddy who he went to college with the be a groomsman. i had my a before planned for the other girls to get mainure and pedicures done at the spa in the hotel. now i have to add another person the the mix. to top it all off my cousin is only 16, theres a 8 year age difference between her and the three of us, i am trying to figure out whats appropriate to get her. 
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    To anyone else who mights be reading this, sides do not have to be even. You did not need to add someone just because your fi did.

    Are you trying to figure out what to get her for a bridesmaid gift or for the spa day? If for a bridesmaid gift, shop for her like it was her birthday, you could get her a gift card to a store she likes or clothes or jewelry or anything really. For the spa day, I would think a manicure and pedicure would be fine for her.
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    You didn't have to add someone to even out the sides. What does she like? With a teenaged girl, you probably can't go wrong with a mall gift card.
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    I've been the bridesmaid that the bride felt obligated to have and it's not fun... Whether you intend to or not, you give off a bad vibe and that can probably be felt by your cousin.  I would try and make te best of it and embrace her into the wedding party so she doesn't feel like the umwanted last minute addition.
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