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Bridesmaid dropped out...


I am getting married in 8 days! Yay! I planned everything out so I would have nothing to worry about this week at all...until, one of my bridesmaids and closest friends decides to bail this morning.

the back story,

she planned my bachelorette party (I am SOOO grateful for that). We were out and about bar hopping, at midnight she decides to leave to go to another place with a shorter bathroom line. I told her I would rally everyone and I told her where we were headed next...once we got there I asked her where she was. She told me she went to a different bar and I should go there...anyways we were separated for the rest of the night and I had to scramble for a ride home because I was supposed to stay at her place. I sent a few text messages letting her know how mad I was with her. Then the next morning she turns it around and is mad at me....I'm sorry everyone I am usually not this petty and dramatic. The next morning I told her lets just say it was a drunken misunderstanding and move on. Then 4 days later she sends me an Email saying she doesn't want to be in the wedding. am I being a bridezilla? or is this just as crazy as I think it is? No one else seems to get it....I'm not going to try to replace her, I am just disappointed this all had to happen...I have no idea how to fix this.

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    I think it is a little crazy that she semi-ditched you during your bach party...would it have been that hard to meet up?  You probably shouldn't have said anything to her that night because everything is made worse with the help of alcohol but what is done is done and you were willing to move on and forget the whole thing.  Truthfully it seems she is being slightly was just a small argument  which seems to be blown way out of proportion.  I think you should give her a call and talk about whatever it is that she is mad about.  If she still doesn't want to be in the wedding then tell her you understand but still hopes that she will attend the wedding.  If she doesn't do either then I wouldn't bother contacting her again because the ball will be in her court at that point.

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    yeah, I think that is what I'll do...It wasn't that hard for her to meet up with me, we were at a bar 3 buildings over. She said "it wasn't worth it" because the bars were going to close in 30mins. So Whatever, if we could have just moved on the next day I wouldn't have cared....bad things happen when everyone has been drinking, I totally get that part. I wanted her with me at the time so I told her "she wasn't participating" and I was pissed...those were the only two texts I could make sense of the next morning. HAHA. I know, I know I shouldn't have done that...but I did. She is being immature I just figured after being my friend for years and years she would understand, I don't need this stress. I'm getting married a week from tomorrow...come on!
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    IMO, there is something else going on with your BM that is making her act this way, something unrelated to you entirely.  I'd like to believe that a rational adult would be able to toss that aside as you've said because things are said when people drink.

    I'm really sorry she did this to you :(  It's really not fair.
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    i was in a simular situation at my bach party it was an overnighter and when i woke up everyone was gone my ride and all, it was very light drinking so i know it wasnt the alcohol.  I was told i had crap to do sorry, i wasnt even all that mad they left it was the fact they left without telling me or leaving a note. 
    My opinion just ask her hey whats going on maybe you can see if its you or something else and just move forward, try not to dwell on it.
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    I would check to make sure it is not something that happened that night. A lot of stuff could be going on for her or maybe she is still mad and you need to talk it out. This sux I am really sorry! Try to meet up with her for coffee and tell her how grateful you are for everything. If she still says no she doesn't want to be in it I would just move on. 
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