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Vegas Bachelorette Weekend

My best friend Teenie and I will be planning a Vegas Bachelorette party for our dear friend Lisa who is getting married in April. We would very much like to send out "Save the Dates" with info on it now, as the trip wont be until March. How should these be worded? Since we will be sending them out (WAY) early, is there a polite way to include an estimate of cost per person? Teenie and I are incredible shoppers- the kind who find things %50 off, so planning a fantastic 3 night stay in Vegas will undoubtedly be at a discounted group rate. We wont be asking the girls to spend and arm and a leg. Still, is adding financial information to a save the date or invitation tacky? Or good planning with ample amount of warning? Let me know your thoughts ladies! <3

Re: Vegas Bachelorette Weekend

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    [QUOTE]Have you emailed all the girls an estimated cost of the trip and asked if they are okay with it?  I would do that before sending STDs.
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    Agree!  You need to see what everyone is willing to spend before you book anything.  You will be in a sh$t storm if you book the trip and then no one will go because of the costs associated with it.

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    If you are expecting everyone to pay their own way (which is typical), you should think of yourselves as organizers, rather than hosts. Rather than mail out save the dates or invitations, use e-mail or facebook. You should give everyone an estimated cost per item and ask for feedback. Some of your friends may not be able to afford a 3 day weekend in Vegas, even with a 50% discount.
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    I think a less formal way is better, like email or FB.  Also, don't plan costs under the expectation that everyone you invite can go (ie, if you are planning to rent a suite and split it 6 ways, don't count on it...not everyone can afford that).  Other than that, I think giving info for anticipated costs could be helpful.

    And just for good measure because I can't stress this enough, be aware that not everyone can afford to go, get the time off, or even want to go.  As long as you know that (and the bride), everything else should be fine!
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    Confirm budget and availability first.  An "arm and a leg" may not be the same to you and them.  Also, until things are booked, all discounts should be doubted.  
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    I think an evite would be fine and if I was going to go to something like that I would appreciate knowing the costs up front.
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