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Hello all, wasn't sure where to post this, don't see a bridal shower section...Anyway, I just got married this past November, and now my maid of honor is getting married and I'm her maid of honor..

Her bridal shower is in a few weeks, and myself along with the rest of the bridal party, purchased all of her bedding for her gift, A LOT of stuff..trying to come up with a cute way to have it all displayed when she walks in..and we are stuck, any ideas? Help!

Thank you in advance! :) 

Re: Shower

  • Wow, that was very generous of you and the other bms.
    I would just wrap the gifts in coordinating gift wrap so she will have lots of gifts to open.
  • We are having everyone wrap their gifts in clear wrap..they all did that for mine as well and displayed their gift to me in such a cute way, I'm trying to do the same! lol
  • Can you set it up so it looks like a made bed in some way?
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    It probably would have been cuter if you had allowed gift wrap. I'm outta ideas.
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    could you do some sort of 'sheet cake' like the diaper cakes or towel cakes that are all over pinterest?

    ETA: and there is a 'shower' board under special topic's it's the "pre-wedding parties" board, just FYI :-)
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    [QUOTE]A DIAPER cake??? Ew www. That is NOT appetizing.
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