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Help!! what should I do

Should I ask my fiance's sisters to be bridesmaids? He has two sisters one sister I met once and she only said Hi to me the whole weekend.. the other sister and I have met a few times and we get along pretty well. My fiance says that I shouldn't ask them because then we will have to many people in our wedding party since we both already have 5 each, but I feel like I'm supposed to ask them to be in it what should I do?

Re: Help!! what should I do

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    You are by no means obligated to ask anyone. If you are close to them and cant imagine your wedding day without your side then ask. If you feel that it is more of an obligation to ask them and are fine without them by your side, then dont ask.
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    You do not need to ask them if you are not close to them.  Obligation asks very rarely turn out well.  If it is important that they be in the wedding, they can always stand up for your FI.  If you would like them to participate in the ceremony, you could ask them to do readings.

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    I would say don't do it.  My brothers are not in my wedding and they are fine with it.  If you felt like you wanted to include them, you could ask them to do a reading or something.  I have been asked out of obligation from one of my brother's wives and say yes out of obligation--it was a nightmare.
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    You could ask them to do readings or something, if you really want them to be involved. You're not required to have them in your bridal party. :)
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