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Morning of wedding

The wedding isn't until 3:30 and the bridal party will be at the hair salon for five hours in the morning. What are some ways I can entertain them while we all get our hair done. They will have a lot of down time when they aren't the ones getting their hair done.

Re: Morning of wedding

  • Do you only have one person doing hair?  5 hours at a hair salon is a long time.  I'd be bored as hell.

    Can you allow girls to come at staggered times?  They may want to hang out the whole time, but this gives the option of know when their time slot is and coming/going as they please.

    I'm assuming you won't be getting dressed at the salon so you will still meet up with everyone where you are getting dressed, which is far more exciting that watching people get their hair done.

    If you're really adamant that they are all there for the full hours, I'd definitely provide some food at the salon and let them know that it will be one person at a time getting their hair done.  Let them know that there will be a ton of down time so bring something to entertain themselves.
  • I would not be happy if I had to be tied up at a salon for 5 hours.  Can you tell us why it is such an incredibly long time?  No one needs to be there for 5 hours so are you expecting everyone to meet and sit through all the others getting their hair done or am I going down the wrong road here?
  • 5 hours?? gahhhhh!  I'd go crazy!

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  • 5 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to ask of your BMs to sit through.  I would be going completely insane, especially if I have to be there early in the morning but then not getting my hair/makeup done until 4 hours fact, I would be pissed.

  • Why would it take 5 Hours?!?!  I agree about staggering the times, get more hair dressers, etc.  That is way too much time!!!!

    Could you have the hair dressers come to your home?  That way when the first set of girls are done they can snack, pop a movie in for everyone to watch, etc.

    I repeat: 5 Hours is too long, that's the problem you need to fix, not figuring out how to entertain them.
  • I agree with PPs. I would never expect my BM's to wait 5 hours. I'd let them come whenever they need to get their hair done or at least give them the option of sitting there for 5 hours or doing something else.

    5 hours--UFFDA! as we say in the north.
  • They need to go at staggered times, and when they're done they should be allowed to leave.  Have a time for all of them to meet up at the destination where you guys are getting dressed.
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  • Food/ snacks/ additional services.

    If you are not getting your hair and makeup done at the venue, I would suggest either adding some additional services, like a mani/ pedi, or maybe even get your make up done there.

    Also, feeding them.  At my FSIL wedding, we all got ready at the venue, and when someone wasn't getting their hair done, they were setting up the venue, or having their make up done. 

    My FMIL aslo had a cooler full of apple slice packages, carrots packages, a bag of rolls, some deli meats, cheese and some crackers, as well as some bottles of water.  This was a life saver.
  • She doesn't seem to be coming back..
  • I assume you are all having the same stylist do your hair? Why not have all the appointments all around the same time with different stylists? In and out.
  • Looks like a post and run because she didn't like our comments.  I seriously hate that.
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