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Desperate search for a discontinued J. Crew bridesmaid dress

Ladies, I'm desperate.  I picked out "matisse blue" as the color for my bridesmaid dresses.  I bought three dresses for the two that told me preferences when it came to the style.  I hoped that the third would work for the third girl, but she prefers strapless dresses.

Now, I'm trying to find a discontinued dress (strapless, silk taffeta...the Selma or Lorelei dresses) in a discontinued color (matisse blue) and her size (8 or 10).  I found one seller on ebay, but the dress is definitely from a warehouse sale (no tags, black mark on the label) and the picture posted is so poor that I'm not certain it's the right color.  I called J. Crew and they set up a "wish list" request, but there's no guarantee that they'll find it.

I'm at the point where I'm starting to email anyone who has mentioned "matisse blue" on a message board or wedding blog in the past year!

Can anyone else help me brainstorm ways to find this dress?

Re: Desperate search for a discontinued J. Crew bridesmaid dress

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    I would check into getting the third dress for the third girl altered. If its her right size maybe you can find a seamtress that can make the dress strapless for you. Would that work with the dress you bought?

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