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What did you or are you planning on giving your parents as a 'thank you'? I'm just looking for ideas. We feel like we get our parents the same things over and over so we're looking for something unique. Also, my mother has done so much more for this wedding than I could ever ask for. Would it be rude to give her something extra or should we try to be 'even' when we give our parents gifts as they will be in the same room while opening the gift?

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    I made my parents both a handmade gift and bought them each something. I got my dad a stainless steel can cooler with DAD engraved from Oriental Trading. I got my mom a birdhouse. I wanted to get her a pedicure but didn't spend that much on my dad so I wanted it to be more evenly balanced.

    Here is the link for the can cooler:

    I have a dad, step-dad, and mom and I made them each differently. And here are the pictures of the handmade gifts:




    The small spaces on the first two will be a picture of me and that parent when I was little and then the larger spaces will be a framed picture of me and that parent from the wedding day.
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    I'm an mob. I would be very embarrassed if my daughter singled me out for a special gift. If you want to give your mom something special, give each parent their gift privately. There won't be any hurt feelings that way. You could also thank your mom by planning some time with her - buy tickets for the two of you to a special event, have a spa day or take her out to lunch. There's no need to let the others know about it.
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    My daughter gave me a silver picture frame with a picture of us together and a special phrase we use on the other side.

    She gave her dad a watercolor of a young girl bending over to pick up a shell on the sand.  She had long dark hair and looked just like her.  (He had to leave for a bit to compose himself)

    I know her H gave his parents gifts also but it wasn't done in our presence so I have no idea there
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    I'm making pearl jewelry for both mothers to wear at the wedding. Of course this meant getting pictures of their dresses first so I could match them. If you buy quality materials, like sterling silver and real pearls you can make something spectacular with simple design and minimal skill and tools required. You can learn easily by attending classes at a local bead store or through beginner books or tutorials online. It's such a personal one of a kind gift that it will mean alot to them because they know you are giving of yourself - at least that's what I'm going for anyways! Also it's one less thing for them to have to buy for their wedding attire which is especially nice if they are helping financially. Unfortunately we have no dads to buy gifts for so it's all about the moms.
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    All these "personalized" gifts on the knot website are not personal. They are mass produced overseas probably in sweatshops and then they throw someone's name and initials on it and call it personal. Boring... And it will just end up another unused trinket they would feel guilty to throw out. I'm sorry knot shop. I'm not trying to bash really! It's okay for decoration but Im just being honest here. There's are so many better more creative meaningful gifts out there,and for how much most parents do to contribute to a wedding they deserve something that really comes from the heart.
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    I actually asked my mom for some ideas, and ask if others were plausible. She was offended that we intended to get them gifts, and said that she had never heard of that in her life, and that its was frivalous and excessive. I may get her something very small for all her help but I guess that goes to show it depends on each parent as to how big of a gift you do.
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    I plan on getting hankerchiefs with a personal meaning embrodered on them. One for my mom and dad. Also giving one to FMIL that says "thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams" you have probably have seen that on pinterest, but I thought it was cute :)Havent decided what FI should get his parents. He has his mom, dad and step mom so not sure what to get her. Something small or sentimental is all that is needed. I don't think my parents expect anything either.
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