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Bridesmaid Dressed Under $50?


For my wedding, I have 2 bridesmaids and a Maid of Honor, all of which live in 3 different states. I am trying to coordinate how I can choose their dressess, allowing them to possibly purchase them online for $50 or under. Does anyone have any great websites in mind?

I am also considering  finding a place (like David's Bridal, for example) that has stores nationwide so that I can choose a dress that they all can find in store as well.

The wedding will be held in August of next year, and I have already reserved a spot at one of the La Jolla Beach locations (Cuvier Park, aka "The Wedding Bowl") in San Diego. So I'm thinking the dresses will have to be suitable for the summer weather.

Any help is much appreciated! :)

Re: Bridesmaid Dressed Under $50?

  • My girls got their dresses at Macy's (just regular, right off the rack as if we were doing regular shopping, not from a wedding collection) for about $60, so I recommend checking department stores. 
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  • There is a website that I have known several people to use and be completely happy with the can pick out a dress at Davids Bridal or any bridal salon in your area and then use and get it for almost half of what you would in the store. I've known 4 ppl to do this and I am also considering this option.
  • Target has a great BM line that runs around $60...

    Another option is to give them length and color guidelines and let them get their own. I jsut told my girl navy and short/knee length and let them find their own.
  • I have known several people to use What you do is find a dress you like from Davids Bridal or any other bridal salon, go on this website and its usually almost half the price. I have known 3 girls to do this and were completely happy with the results. I am also condsidering this website for my wedding
  • I appreciate the feedback! I will be looking at all suggestions and running with it.

    Thank you ladies!
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