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So Christmas Day I asked my MOH to be my MOH.. It's my FI cousin, who we are very close to.. the thing is, I think my cousin was expecting me to ask her, and now that I've asked my FI cousin to be in it, I dont know how to tell her. Im the type of person who I dont want anyones feelings to get hurt. I know its my day and choice but I still feel bad. I havent asked her yet, and I havent told her that my FI cousin is the MOH. I have done something special for the other girls, so I dont know if I should just ask her the way I did the others, (bottle of wine w cute little poem ending with will you be my bridesmaid), and then just not even explain anything to her about why I didnt ask to be MOH. I dont think I should explain... Do I just go with it and see how she reacts? I was with both her and my FI cousin the other night, and my cousin was talking about my wedding and kinda acting like she was my MOH without saying it, just saying how the bach party will be and this and that, she also pins stuff on pinterest about MOH things.. I just dont know how to go about tihs one...Help Ladies!
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