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Gifts for parents/step parents/in-laws

My issue is (potentially) two-fold:

1) I am the child of divorced parents, so I have 3 sets of parents to buy gifts for (mom + stepdad, dad + stepmom and MIL + FIL). The typical joint gifts say things like "Parents of the Bride", etc so they are often not applicable for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can buy seperate gifts for all, but my dad and stepdad are tough and I would like to combine the parent gifts by couple if possible.

2) My future mother-in-law isn't big on sentimental stuff or jewelry, so if our gifts have to be individual I have NO idea what to get her. I can't get her anything too mushy. Help!

Re: Gifts for parents/step parents/in-laws

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    I say get them all couples gifts! Get them all
     - wedding albums (just make a note in the card that it will be coming after the wedding)
    - a framed photo from the wedding (just give them the frame and write a note in the card, again)
    - A GC to their fav restaurant (to chillax!)

    ETA: You shouldn't get them everything on the list, but should get each set of parents a very similar gift so it won't create antimosity between them. Like don't get your mom a photo album and then get his two sets of parents just picture frames, KWIM? Get them all photo albums or get them all frames.
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    This mom only wants a heartfelt thank you note and pictures. Sydaries put it well.
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    We had four sets of parents to buy for (both of our parents are divorced and have been re-married for years), and we went with monogramed hankies for all of them with their last-name initial.  And then we made each couple their own photo book from Snapfish after the wedding, which was so nice since chose different pictures for all of them. 
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    As a recent MOB, I just wanted some pictures.
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    Perfect, that's what I was thinking but didn't want to have to wait till after the wedding. A "coming soon" note is a great idea, thank you all so much!
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    You're welcome.
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