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Plus Size MOB Dresses- Help Needed

Hi ladies,

I'm helping my mom find a dress for my wedding that will not only make her feel comfortable but also fabulous.   Searching in the stores is really frustrating for her because she's a bigger lady and so far everything we've seen is either the wrong size, or a horiffic style. 

What online sites are good for plus size evening wear that i could search with her? 

I've already looked at the chains (macy's boston/herbergers/carsons, dillards, penny's) and there's slim pickings and I was hoping for other suggestions.

Thanks ladies!

- J
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Re: Plus Size MOB Dresses- Help Needed

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    Have you tried Dress Barn? They carry both misses and plus sized clothing in lots of styles. The one by my house is even divided in half for each section. They have really nice dresses for all occasions-- my mom found her MOB outfit there and loved it. I would also try at Lane Bryant. It is all plus sized and really nice stuff.
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    Have you checked David's Bridal?
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    yes- checked davids- there was one but it was only ok- the rest were pretty bad
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    Lane Bryant has some very nice dresses
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    Lane bryant or dress barn are very good suggestions if you haven't tried those as of yet.
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    I'm a plus size MOB.  I bought my dress at a bridal salon.  Some actually had samples in plus sizes.  Even if I didn't like the color or such, I could see how the different types of styles looked.  Then I expanded my search to dresses that could be ordered in my size.  My DD was my model and would try samples on in the regular sizes so we could see how they lay and where the waistline, necklline, etc hit on the body.  Once we settled on a dress, i ordered it in my size and then the seamstress tailored it to fit.

    Good luck.

    ETA- I also found that many dresses were strapless or sleeveless.  A lot of plus size women would like to cover their upper arms.  The dress I found was strapless and came with a shawl.  I didn't want to mess with a shawl or jacket (Since it was a July wedding).  But I did order some matching fabric from the manufacturer and the seamtress added some elbow length flutter sleeves that looked like they were orginally designed for the dress.  Most of the MOB dress manufacturers are very good about offering options such as jackets, shawls, extra fabric or extra lace.
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    I would look at Lane Bryant, Avenue, Fashion Bug, Dress Barn, and Catherines. 

    Edit:  I missed the online option.  All the places listed have online sites.  Lane bryant's site also includes Catherines and Fashion Bug.  

     online are Amazon (where I found my shoes and my plus size bridesmaid dress) 

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    [QUOTE]Lane Bryant has some very nice dresses
    Posted by Babbygirl1[/QUOTE]

     <3 My favorite store! They offer awesome coupons periodically and even through text messages (where you can just give the sales associate the coupon # from your phone). Some 40% off one regularly priced item. Another popular one is $25 off $75 / $50 off $150 & my fav $75 off $225 or more. If you have a local store, just call them for the number to txt msg.

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