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Hey Ladies!  So, I am trying to figure out what gifts to get my bridesmaids, and am coming up a little short on ideas.  I could really use suggestions.  I have thought about robes or wraps, but can't seem to find them for very cheap.  I also thought about giving them jewelry, flip flops, or a bottle of wine (we are getting married at a winery).  However, all of this seems a little bit too ordinary.  I want to give them things that they will actually use, and that they will actually be thankful for, and something outside of the box.

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    Give them something like you would if it were their birthday.  Shop for the individual, not for your wedding.
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    Don't worry if it seems to ordinary. I'd much rather have an ordinary gift that was practical than something unique that I'd never use. 

    What do they enjoy? What are their favorite colors? Consider their hobbies, favorite teams, pastimes, etc. 
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    I bought all my bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding, but that I knew they would want, and be able, to wear afterwards. I also got them clutches and a disposable camera each.
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    I got my bridal party a bracelet with their intial on a charm, their fave lotion and perfume, as well as a personalized tote I ordered off VistaPrint. They LOVED them!
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    I nought my girls a personalized tote bag, filled with all those things I always wished I had on hand when I was a bridesmaid, deodorant, safety pins, tide sticks, etc.
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    Thanks ladies!

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    [QUOTE]I bought all my bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding, but that I knew they would want, and be able, to wear afterwards. I also got them clutches and a disposable camera each.
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    If they have to wear it for your wedding- it is not a gift. The clutch and camera's are gifts. 

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    & I REALLY hate personalized gifts- do your girls like carying things around with their names on it? I don't. I know what is mine and I don't need a nametag on it to remember. In fact, I specifically do not sure things that are "personalized".
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    I have done a few things for my bridesmaids:

    At the engagement party I made them all small metal charms stamped with "journey" and tied them to a note about how much I appreciated them being in my life and on this journey with me and my fiance.

    At the bridal shower I gave them each a sugar free alcohol mixer and a small bottle of the alcohol that went with the mixer (for example, margarita mix and patron tequila), and a note thanking them for their work to make my day special.  The alcohol hinted at excitement over our next celebration - the upcoming bachelorette party. 
    For the wedding I am doing the following: 
    * I worked with a woman on etsy to design 4 different good quality fabric tote bags that match each of their tastes (something I hope they will use).
    * I bought them all the same necklace from Sundance catalog - silver chain, small aquamarine stone, tiny silver initial.  These are not to be worn at the wedding, just a small piece of jewelry that I think they will all enjoy.  It also tied into my wedding day necklace, which is a chunky aquamarine statement necklace.  So it will remind them of me and this special day, but will also be a useful piece of jewelry.
    * Personalized stationary.
    * I might pay for their hair... still to be determined... 

    And as a special gift for my sister, who is my Matron of Honor, I also bought her a charm for her Pandora bracelet called, "forget me knot".

    I will write everyone a card/note.

    I put a lot of time and thought into making sure the gifts were meaningful, appropriate, personal, useful, special, and really expressed my connection to each woman.  So far they have been very gracious... I hope they also love their wedding gifts!!!  29 days... =)

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